CBC Radio's The Debaters with Steve Patterson

Since we are going to be driving to Canada for our trip to Niagara Falls tomorrow, we’ve decided to bring along CBC Radio’s The Debaters With Steve Paterson. Is anyone else familiar with this show? I stumbled upon it by accident. It’s a relatively popular format that’s been done on TV at least 2 or 3 times: two comedians debate on a subject.

Listen to the one on glue vs. tape. It will make you a fan.

And you can listen to a bunch of episodes here.


Great show! We listen all the time.

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It made me a big fan of Derek Seguin. I even had him on a YouTube show I tried and totally failed to launch despite all the notable people on it agreeing it was very funny. Mary Jo was going to be on it, but the tech needed to use it was janky and totally failed to record her voice. Oh well.

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