Celebrity Name Chain Game

Something I’ve done for years when I’m bored.

Mike Nelson Mandela

Larry David Bowie

Fred Willard Scott Thompson

Earl Warren Christopher Lloyd George Michael Jackson Pollock

Try some, won’t you?


Nuts, I had to go and start with Clu Gulager…


Does Joel Robinson Crusoe count? :wink:

Elton John Tesh
Ricky Martin Luther
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Hayden Church

In terms of politicos and all around terrible people, you got Ayn Rand Paul. (Or even Ayn Rand Paul Ryan.)

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Josh Charles Mingus
Wayne Brady Corbet
Carol Channing Tatum
Johnny Carson Daly
Ornette Coleman Francis
James Marshall Mathers
David Jason Isaacs
Halle Bailey Chase
Michael Clarke Duncan Jones

Here’s a three name one-
Annie Lennox Lewis Black

And for a kinda cheating one-
Dan Harmony Korine

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F. Murray Abraham Lincoln (Vampire Hunter)

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Billy Joel Hodgson
Dennis Christopher Walken
Pat Carroll Spinney
Sandy Frank Conniff
Merritt Stone Phillips
John Oliver Hardy
Bea Arthur Godfrey
Tom Kenny Rogers
William Henry Harrison Ford
Raul Julia Child
Jack Benny Hill
Michael Jordan Peele
Samuel L. Jackson Browne
Lesley Ann Warren Beatty
H. Jon Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt

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It’s almost like this game works the best when the last name of the first name is a first name.


John Wayne Brady

Sandy Frank Sinatra

LeBron James Gardner

Hank Aaron Eckhart

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I noticed that, too.

(Speaking of Sandy Frank) “Never trust a man with two first names…especially when one of them is a woman’s.”

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