Central Texas Misties Untie!

Anyone in central Texas interested in maybe getting together to watch the show sometime or go to a live event? Or picket Master Pancake Theater until they put on a live event for us to watch? Also interested in making a sampo.


Did you mean that typo in the subject line, or would you like it fixed? :slight_smile:

I meant it… honest. lol! I was thinking of the old “Dyslexics Untie” cartoon.


I’m a Central Tx MSTie, but also one of the types not risking covid! Always happy to meet other local geeks, whether it’s online or not though! :smiley:


If any of y’all could send me some tex mex, or some of your amazing BBQ I would appreciate that.

Your Kentuckian compadre.


Heck with the BBQ, what you want 'em to send you is the strudel from New Braunfels. God I miss that.


Oh, yeah, great, thanks youse guys, I super duper wanted to be craving barbacoa and pulled pork at 11pm on a school night. You monsters.


I can feel the heartburn now…

Chews on tums from my nightstand

Feels good to be 33. Lol

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It gets worse, but then you figure out how to dance around that fine line. Godspeed.


I’ve developed a “worth it scale”.

The foods I know are going to destroy me.

If it’s from a place where I know it’s a 10/10 it’s worth it. Anything lower then a 8/10, the next day I can’t have plans in the morning lol.

Taco bell is a no go no more. Not worth it.

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Understood fully! It isn’t easy in Texas… not much mask-wearing anymore.

As a naturalized Texan I am obligated to say “whaaaaaa?” Isn’t pulled pork more Southern BBQ? I’m not saying it isn’t good, just not as common around here.

I bet I could send you a good pre-cooked brisket, but it’d probably cost too much. If you jump over to Virginia there are a couple places in Charlottesville that do Austin tacos.

Do you mean kolaches? I am told that they are not even that… by pedants mostly (the kind who point out BBQ differences, I’m sure). I love the host segment where Tom is lording pastry nomenclature over everyone…