Challenge Coin Sneak Peek

Grant (aka M.Waverly) has posted an unboxing video of the Season 13 cast gift — a special cast version of the challenge coins! Check it out.


Still waiting for mine, Brah…

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The story about showing your coin or having to buy a round is true today. The coins were originally a way for members of a unit to identify each other during wartime. If someone claimed to be in your unit, but you didn’t recognise them and they didn’t have their coin, then they could be an imposter/spy.

There is also a variation, that if everyone has their coin, the person with the lowest ranking coin (remember military) has to buy the drinks. So if someone of a high rank gives you their coin, extra bonus as you will likely never be the one stuck with the bar tab.

As for the coins, they look fantastic. I could only afford the one coin, so it’s nice to see what the set looks like!


The Star Wars costume/charity groups still do this, I think. The 501st and Rebel Legion. That’s how I learned about challenge coins in the first place! I didn’t realize what a long-standing tradition it was in the military.

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It started in World War I


This is useful info. I have one coin, given to me by a casual friend who, until I read his name on the coin, I was unaware was a Brig. General in the USAF Reserve.

Too bad I don’t really drink.


Yep! Hang on to that coin!

And the high-rankers don’t give away those coins to just anyone. That is an honor.


I found that out much later, and was embarrassed about being so clueless. I mentioned it in passing to an active duty friend and she just stared at me like I had two heads for a moment. I had no clue at the time.


I don’t drink and would love to have a coin which means I never have to buy other people’s expensive beverages.


Closest I have to that are the challenge coins I have thanks to Firefly/Serenity, plus the Rifftrax coins they offer in their Kickstarters. I may not have a top rank coin, but my membership card showing my rank in the Revival League should be enough