Challenge: Kitbash an episode

For those unfamiliar, the process Joel used to build the original Bots was based on “kitbashing,” or using parts from different existing models to create something new. For example, it’s how the Star Wars visual effects team came up with many of the original miniatures used in the films.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: kitbash a new film or episode using characters, settings, plot points, host segments, etc. from existing riffed films and episodes.


This topic is similar:

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Ah, yes—you are correct. I had completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder.

In my best Emily Litella voice: never mind.

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It’s actually quite nice that the forum is thriving enough that it is difficult to keep track of and remember all the topics. :sunglasses:


Thinking more here of a full-on mashup, rather than simply transplanting a character or two [clears throat]:

Obviously, you could greatly improve both Phase IV and Overdrawn At The Memory Bank by combining them. Super-intelligent ants invade the future. Humankind could fight back with everything we have, OR… we could be doomed owing to our outdated and ridiculous bigotry against anteaters.

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