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Hello, is it possible to change the email address associated with my account? I’ve been having some issues with the address I used during the Kickstarter campaign and creating my account here. I do still have access to it, but I’m trying to get it changed in all the important places.

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The preferences section says:
“Email can be updated from authentication provider.”

That’s not what you asked for. But maybe your thread will result in that sentence being clarified.


I think you may need the assistance of @Lesley, who has great and wonderful Administrative Powers :tm:.


I saw that, and initially thought it was talking about a linked account (Google, Facebook, ect.), but I don’t have it linked like that. Hopefully one of the staff can clarify.

Did this go anywhere? Cox is discontinuing my email I had since the 90’s and I have a couple days to change I don’t even know how many accounts over. “email can be updated from authentication provider.” is not helping my panic attack.

Does this work?:

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Only thing in security is password reset and devices logged in under


From what I can find, it looks like the admin has to change your email address on the backend. @lesley , can you verify?



Got this the otehr day from @Lesley

“As it turns out our system won’t let me change a user’s email easily – I’ve been inquiring to find out if there’s a way to do it via code. Hoping to get a solution soon.”

I as well have been having the same issues.

@Lesley - It looks like you can update users via a Ruby On Rails command. These are all Unix commands in a bash environment, it appears.

I would expect you could repeat the last line as many times as needed, once for each address to update. If it returns a nil/null error, it’s most likely because the old address isn’t an exact match.

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I’d be happy to assist with this, but I’d need to have shell access to the discourse box. All this code is doing is searching for a user with an email address and updating that value to a new address. You’d want to double check both addresses before attempting it because if the old one matches, the new value replaces the old, no matter what they are.

If this were going to be a common operation, it would be possible to write a short script to do it as a single command.

I would also like to change my email if it can be done.

I’d also like to get my email changed, if still possible.

I am in the same boat. I need to change my email account (and delete the current one) due to attempted identity theft.

And Vimeo, which seems to have absorbed vhx, does not have an option to change address either. clicking the link to the “settings” page takes you back to a login screen.