Change Email address

Hi, I need to change my email address too, is there a procedure now?


Still wasn’t able to find a solution, so now that the email (and this old account) are inaccessible, I’ve had to switch to my new google account. Seems like the best option for me for now. I’d appreciate it if this old account could be merged, deleted, or whatever, to prevent any confusion.



I was looking to change the email address on my VHX/Gizmoplex account, since the email I had signed up with before has stopped working recently, so I can’t receive a verification email to help change it, and I don’t want to lose the rewards I got from the Kickstarter. Is there anyone we can email about fixing it? Same question goes for the forum here.

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Adding myself to the list of people who would like to change the email address linked to my account.

Really disconcerting that there’s no solution to this after a year and a half…

Unfortunately - maybe inexplicably - Discourse has made this operation exceptionally cumbersome.

Be that as it may (and from my searches it seems like a longstanding problem with Discourse), if it’s something only admins (not mods) can potentially do, I would have hoped they’d have some official procedure in place by now for getting in contact with one and getting them to do the necessary.