Chapter Breaks

So I was watching Samson Vs. The Vampire Women on Tubi (bear with me. I’m getting to the Gizmoplex), and it crashed on me during the first commercial break, so I said to myself, “I’m gonna put down the 8 bucks and watch this at the 'Plex!”

That’s when I discovered there were no chapter Breaks. Not only that, but fast forwarding is blind, so I just kinda had to guess where I left off. Would be really neat to have chapter Breaks so I can easily skip to where I left off, or maybe to find a certain host segment.


It does show a preview if you hover over the bar while viewing it in a web browser. I would like to see that feature available on all devices.


Chapter markings would be great!
Intro, Host Segments, Film Segments, Commercial Breaks (where originally present), Outro, and Stinger.


Blind fast-forwarding/seeking is a sin. Hell, even Tubi has it.


Useful if you can’t watch an episode in one go.

I feel like this is something they’ll have to do down the road anyway since the eventual plan is to have the old episodes ad-supported. Unless they’re going to use AI guessing like YouTube or Pluto does (which works…not especially well) on where to insert the ads, they’ll have to manually flag where the breaks are.