Charity Livestream of Teenage Strangler today

Just a reminder that major MST fan Faith’s Take is doing a Youtube livestream of Teenage Strangler at 6 PM EST today, as a charity drive for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. She’s a bunch of bubbly fun, and I hope people will drop by.


I’ll do my best. The one last week (“I Accuse My Parents”) was a hoot! :love_letter:


Busy time of day in my house but I’ll try to stop by and say hello! Thanks for the heads-up!


Turns out I messed up the math and it’s actually at 8PM EST, if anyone’s currently wondering where it is.


Faith also just dropped a new set of Rifftrax recaps:

…And a review of Skydivers, so that’s nice:

So that’s nice.

We don’t always agree about every episode or short, but I do appreciate how she doesn’t just dully recap every last thing that happens onscreen and call that a “review.”

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