Cheesy movies-to-be

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This week in New Orleans I briefly met an actor/writer/producer who told us about the movie he’s been trying to complete for years. His wife had co-written it, and she died of cancer several years ago, and he wanted to finish it for her. He mentioned that they had a trailer up on YouTube. AND HOLY COW.

MST3K doesn’t do slasher horror (Rifftrax does) but this gave me SUCH a strong Demon Squad vibe. A low budget labor of love. So I wanted to share this remarkable trailer with y’all. (He has since changed the name from Fright Farm Swamp Fear to Louisiana Swamp Fear because another movie called Fright Farm or something like it came out.) The fellow I met is the Sheriff – the lead – in this trailer.

Anyone else have a cheesy movie that’s not actually a movie yet to share?


If the story is good, it doesn’t matter how many lights you have.


The new title is certainly less of a tongue-twister than the old one.

Also, WTF-- CRENSHAW!! He’s still working!!! [faints]

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Pod People, Being from Another Planet, and Zombie Nightmare to my estimation count as slashers to varying degrees. They also did movies that featured slasher traits like The Brute Man. However, I will grant you that they avoid the ones with Friday the 13th style over the top gore.


That’s true, Zombie Nightmare is probably the closest to what I’d call slasher horror. But I doubt they’d do a movie with as much blood in the whole movie as there is in this preview, which is why it wouldn’t be a good fit for them.