Cheesy Movies whose plots are similar to better ones that came later?

This is a bit confusing, but basically have you ever noticed how some sometimes better movies feel like they ripped off the plot of a movie, only to find out it came out earlier?

For instance, Mexican Santa Claus, the three kids who want to kidnap santa claus and stuff him in a bag, and the way those creepy reindeer move feel like it may have inspired parts of Nightmare before Christmas

and of course Zombie Nightmare is basically I know What You Did Last Summer (at least in terms of Plot),

what are some other cases where a cheesy movie has an idea that a better well known movie did better


The Island ripped off Clonus and honestly? Clonus is a better movie


The crazy thing is, there’s a few things in The Island that don’t make any sense except that they’re also in Clonus.


Night of the Blood Beast shares some concepts with the Alien series of films- an alien monster that implants its young in your guts.


Is that the one where the couple go to a cave to kiss face?

Not that I remember.

Clonus ripped off Coma first, though. :smiley:

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I Accuse My Parents - The obvious forerunner of Dustin Hoffman’s Straight Time.

( Just kidding. )

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Clonus might be a better movie than Coma, too!

Does Hamlet count? No, probably not.

It sort of depends on how loosey-goosey you wanna get, I s’pose.

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, e.g., pre-cursor to the Steve Martin romcom “The Man With Two Brains”?

Moon Zero Two could be the stepping-stone in-between High Noon and Outland.

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I’m loathe to say it, but no. Michael Douglas was definitely a better actor than the Air Supply guy.

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Kitten With A Whip

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And some movie with Lucille Bluth and that lab guy from Revenge Of The Creature.


Took me a second.

Play Misty For Me


…And the screenwriter from Girl In Lovers Lane !!

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Jo Heims, gone too soon!

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Pour one out for the crummy critters.
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The Asylum makes that sort of thing on purpose.

I would argue that Night of the Blood Beast is a small-scale version of It Conquered the World, while Terror from the Year 5000 is a time travel variant on the same.

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