Chicago Ticket Pre-Orders - When Do They Go Live for KS Backers?

Good morning,

According to the Kickstarter info, backers should be able to pre-order tickets to the Chicago show starting today (10/8/21) with a provided code.

However I’m not seeing anyway to pre-order tickets or enter the code to pre-order early.

When will the tickets open to KS backer pre-orders?



The Chicago Pre-sale was supposed to begin at 10am central, but it doesn’t seem to be open yet. I’m not sure if CIBC will have a pre-sale link on their page. We may have to use ticketmaster directly to enter a code.

Waiting… deep hurting…

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I work overnights. I was supposed to be in bed by 8 but I promised my daughter she’d have tickets waiting for when she got back to school. The cbic page just takes you to Ticketmaster.


I posted on Twitter and someone (could be you!) replied that they emailed Broadway In Chicago and they are checking it out. I hope it gets ironed out before my dentist appt today!



I dropped a message to the KS page to give them a heads up too. Workin’ it from both ends. We rock!


Ain’t that the tooth​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Have you guys done the meet and greets before? I’d like to know how quickly they sell. Looks like other cities still have packages so I’m hoping there will be some available when I wake up later. I’m giving them till 11 then it’s off to bed.

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Page now says the KS preorders are 8 minutes away!!!

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FYI: The presales for KS backers goes live at 11:30 am CST

Might have to refresh the ticketmaster page to see the times at the BOTTOM of the page.

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I made it in and got my seats! Hope others are able to as well!

I’m in and got seats! Barely!

Thanks for the update! Got mine too! <3

Just seeing this, folks – glad it got worked out! :sweat_smile:

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Woooooo! Got me seats as well, and only took 23 attempts across 3 devices to get past the Ticketmaster errors… :rofl:

Pretty sure I missed out in the meet and greets since I couldn’t wait any longer. I have 5th row center for $150 each. Is this the other early entry package? I can’t find much detail. Our first mst3k show btw.

Please help. I’m trying to figure out if this is the other v.i.p. package.

I didn’t see a meet and greet/VIP for sale when they first went on sale this morning, but I might not have looked far enough. I only saw tickets. Were the meets part of the KS or something you could get on the Backerkit?

I believe it was on KS but if you look at all the other cities there are VIP and early entry packages. After my previous comment I started thinking that maybe it’s an illinois thing.
Meet n greets going for 199/225 in other cities.

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Where is the password?