Children's TV Shows

And on topic again, I will beat someone else to it and mention Knightmare!

I am positive every child in Britain wanted to be on this show.


@BooDooBoo just clicked what your avatar is lol.


Avenger Penguins. I don’t remember much about this. Was it just a British knock-off of Biker Mice From Mars?

Bad Influence. ITV videogames show following in the footsteps of C4’s GamesMaster. Pretty cheesy but still quite a nostalgia kick to watch again for the old games news and footage. Most memorable for its Datablast - a rapid fire hit of news, chart info, cheats etc that ran during the closing credits. The idea was to tape it on your VCR then look at the pages frame by frame to read them.

Dark Season - BBC teatime drama series from Russell T Davies. I haven’t seen this since first broadcast so I’m not sure how well it holds up but I remember finding it creepy as a kid.

Brum - show about the adventures of little car. There’s a neighbouring town of mine with a shop that STILL has a mechanical ride-on Brum outside.


Nooooo! Not a sinister British Children’s show!


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Hell yeah, Button Moon 4 LYFE yo.
Cockleshell Bay reprazent!

Later era Cosgrove Hall struggled a good bit around that time, their identity got a bit lost in chasing the US market.

I remember this more in concept than form, but I do remember that Violet is in Micromachines because she did this show.

Oh, also Nam Rood? Who I think was Fred Dinage?

It holds up really well! It’s certainly dated, but it could easily be brought up-to-date and appeal to a Stranger Things type crowd, it’s also odd because every 10 minutes you go “Oh! That’s Kate Winslet” and then forget for a bit.

It feels like it’s a story where The Doctor didn’t turn up so the people already there had to get on with it, just like The Thing does.

Big Finish are doing audio dramas based on it.

I hated Brum. He was supposed to be in the panto I saw one year, but he broke down the night I went to see it and we got some B.S. random Sooty knock-off instead.

Brum should have done it FOR HIS FANS, sure they say it was because he was just a cheap robot and broke down, but I’ve always suspected he’d gotten into the Manchester rave scene and just couldn’t get out of bed that day.


I mentioned all of the Japanese puppet variety shows that aired on NHK, including my favorite out of 4, made for kids a few times before, but…
SCREW IT. If I talked about them before, I’m gonna do it again, just to reach out to you guys. Plus, it was also the longest reply I’ve ever wrote on my puppet thread.


I was in the area so I checked to see if he was still there and yup, still trucking along.

I swear, if there’s ever a nuclear apocalypse it’ll just be cockroaches and this little bugger that survive.