Christmassy Fan Vids!

Hey y’all! Decided since it’s the festive season, I would put all my Christmas themed MST3k videos in one location! I’m very proud of these, so enjoy! “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” “I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day” “One Thing That I Want”


Um…the links don’t seem to work =(

I’m gonna try a test over here. Gimme a second.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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I couldn’t get those links to work, @srmcd1, but I’ll get that set up for ya here.

If you wanted to get those links to work for ya, this’ll work as it worked for me in that test message:

Step #1: click that Chain icon in the toolbar for the Insert Hyperlink command.


Step #2: The Insert Hyperlink box should come up.


Step #3: Paste the URL into that first blank, and type a title in the second blank.

Step #4: There ya go! You should see what the link looks like in the preview pane.

Repeat the process as necessary for as many links as you need.

@srmcd1’s links:

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday!

There’s Only One Thing That I Want


There were very well made! Thank you!

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Also, this!

I especially loved your There’s Only One Thing That I Want video and its use of “2600,” and that it was used in the closing telethon for the first Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter campaign! I remember watching that and thinking that it was a damn awesome way to sound an emphatic note for the campaign; it -felt- important.

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Meh. Serves me right for making the post while also getting ready for work. Haven’t been at my computer all night. My bad