Chromecasting Gizmoplex content from Laptops

I normally Chromecast to my Smart TV, via my iPhone. However, it seems that I can only fully access the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater via my laptop right now. When I watched content via the Virtual Theater, there seemed to be no option for Chromecasting. Does this mean that I can only watch streams, via the plain vanilla standard iPhone app, but will not be able to see the fancier Virtual Theater in all its glory on my larger Smart TV?


You’ll need to download the Chrome browser and Chromecast the tab.


I gotta say, Chromecast from the Gizmoplex is more stable than most streaming platforms! I agree with someone else’s feedback wanting to retain the original aspect ratio if possible. Or is that something I control on my end? 'my nuts? :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the same issue with the aspect ratio when chromecasting from my Android phone. It seemed to be set to stretch the video, which was 4:3, to fill my 16:9 screen. It looked terrible, and I couldn’t find any option to change it. I actually had to turn off the movie. The stretched out look just bothers me too much to be able to enjoy watching it.

I didn’t notice whether or not the aspect ratio was maintained when watching on the phone. I really don’t foresee doing that anyway. For me, watching MST3K is a lean-back experience; not a lean-forward one. I’m glad watching it on a laptop or phone is an option for those who enjoy that, but its just not for me.

I’ve found that I can force the aspect ratio to 4:3 on my television’s settings. It’s not a perfect solution. The picture winds up slightly squeezed horizontally, and a small amount of the top and bottom gets cut off, but it looks far closer to normal than stretching it out to 16:9.

I went and checked some of the 4:3 aspect ratio videos in my RiffTrax library, and when I stream those from the RiffTrax website and cast them to my TV, they maintain the proper aspect ratio without needing to fiddle with the TV settings. That would appear to confirm that it is something that can be fixed on the streamer’s end rather than being an inherent problem with Chromecast.