Cincinnati Taft Theatre Show (11/4, no spoilers)

We had such a fantastic time at the show last night!! The riffs were witty, often hilarious, and a couple of the songs were strong. The riffs were the jewels of the show however and they really made us excited for the coming season. If the writing is that solid for the episodes coming up, we are all in for a treat. Cincinnati was also given some bonus material as the audio for the movie was problematic for the earlier parts of the movie. The cast started improving and it was mostly quite brilliant. They did need to stop the show briefly but the audience was understanding and the cast handled things like pros.

Thanks Emily, Nate, Connor, and Yvonne! You provided my wife and I a most entertaining evening, during a time that we are not getting out to much.



Now I’m extra super pumped for tomorrow night in Rochester NY. My kid is a freshman at Nazareth College in town, so I’m swooping in and taking her to the show. She used to watch my junky .mpg episodes with me before she could walk (ok, she didn’t have a choice), so this should be great fun.


They did a really good job considering the issues, and the ad libbing of the riffs to deal with the audio issues, gave me a good feeling of throwback to the old KTMA episodes. I can’t wait to see what this cast did with their filmed episodes they have been great over the last 2 tours.


I had great time thought the audio issue were kinda a downer. But the riffing it up.

Agreed! What a wonderful and funny show! It was so enjoyable to be at a theatre, at a live show and laugh along with the crowd. You are correct that if the writing for the Bubble Tour is a preview of what’s to come, we have a lot of laughs to look forward to.


I was there and i enjoyed in a meta way that it took everyone a while to realize that there WAS an audio problem since there was almost no dialogue during the opening scenes.


I was there last week as well! I was really impressed with Emily and the gang’s first full “episode” and hope that the new season has plenty of fun songs for her and Yvonne, because those were the absolute highlight of the evening.


I was there too, and I was blown away by how great Emily was as a host! This gets me really hyped for the new season and getting, hopefully, to see her “origin story” play out in a theme song. The audio glitches made for some fantastic presumably improvised riffs, and Emily got a great one when the video briefly cut out, too: “I guess we’re riffing the audiobook now.” :laughing: The singing was as good as any of the musical numbers in the classic series, too, the whole cast really brought their A game on everything from the host segments, to the songs, to the riffs.

I’m even thinking about trying to make it to Columbus to catch the show one more time.


The Taft is a great theater; alas, I couldn’t make it down this year. For people like me who don’t drive, it’s quite near the Greyhound station, which makes it a perfectly cromulent choice for an out of town show.

The Davidson in Columbus is also a great theater – I’ve seen several MST (and Night Vale) shows there, and there’s just not a bad seat in the house. You could sit in the back row and still have a great view. I’ll be in the front row of the balcony m’self.


Oh I’ve been to past shows at the Davidson too! It’s fantastic! Honestly, if I’d have known they were going to play both cities, I’d have just gone for Columbus (this was the first tour where they’d played both) in the first place. It’s just more convenient. I love the Taft, though; I saw Night Vale there myself, funnily enough! My first MST3K live was at the Davidson, and I did in fact get tickets for this one and I’ll be sitting in roughly the same spot as I did at that very first show, one of those little clusters of seats to the side on the main floor.

Let’s do the Time Bubble againnnnn!