Cinematic Titanic DVD collection - captioned?

I’m thinking of ordering the Cinematic Titanic collection. Shout! Factory lists this as not having subitltes, but is captioned.

They also stated that their DVD and Blu-Ray of MST3K The Movie was captioned, but I never could see captions on any of my players or computers.

Can someone who owns this verify for me if this collection really is captioned? I’d like to know before I shell out money for it.



This may not be helpful (it may even be misleading!) but the set I got as part of the KS has no subtitles or captions.

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The back of the box has a CC on it, but when I put on the Oozing Skull, hitting the CC button gave me nothing, and when I used the DVD player remote to navigate the menu it told me there was no subtitle option.

I just checked on Tubi, and Cinematic Titanic episodes have captions there.


Thanks, I’ll stick with the streaming copies I’ve gotten off Amazon and through Tubi then. (I ended up buying the MST3K movie on Amazon for captions after buying the Blu thanks to CC not working on the disc as well.) I appreciate the response.

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Unrelated, but Shout announced yesterday that there are only about 100 copies left of the Cinematic Titanic set, and that it will go out of print once they sell out.

They’re also losing streaming rights to four episodes.

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What’s the four that they are losing?

Blood of the Vampires, Danger on Tiki Island, East Meets Watts, and The Oozing Skull.

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Two of their best in there (East and Tiki). Shame.

Captions won’t play through hdmi