Cinematic Titanic reference in the netflix series?

So this was just a random thought I had…

So remember how in that one episode from season 11 they had the bots playing with a drone to censor some exposed chesticles?

well, I wonder if that was also a reference to the Breast Blimp from the Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks episode of CT?


They’re both referring, in the same way, to the umbrella scene from the riffing of City Limits. You could call it a reference, but when at least one person was involved with all three riffs it’s less a reference and more like a callback.


It’s a gag you see in lots of stuff. My guess is it was originally a Vaudeville bit.


I did know about the umbrella scene in City Limits, but I guess the general connection of Remote controlled Flying object was stronger than the Joel involved in all three instances one…

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Rifftrax used a similar gag in their live version of SPACE MUTINY, which features a brief wardrobe malfunction in the full version of the movie.