Cinematic Titanic

So I’m guessing a fair number of folks here have seen some or all of the Cinematic Titanic films. This was the closest thing to real MST3K I found in the interregnum. If you’ve seen them, what’s your favorite episode? I love 'em all, but the one I return to the most is

The Alien Factor


So cheap, so ridiculous, so beautifully riffed.


Same - Alien Factor was gold. (Trace’s line about the electric elephant killed me)

I loved CT and miss it, and wish we’d had more DVD releases to enjoy.


Agreed. It would be great to have those live CT shows which weren’t masted to disc. I’m hoping that they at least recorded them and that they might show up in the Gizmoplex shop.

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For me it’s a tossup between Doomsday Machine and East Meets Watts. I saw CT live a few times when they came to Portland and Seattle and it was a wonderful experience.


Loved when they did Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Trace wants to leave. “But we already did this one. Don’t make me watch it again!!” and they basically drag him back to his seat. :smile:


I really dig The Oozing Skull and The Wasp Woman. If I had to pick between the two… it’s a hard call but probably Skull.


Loved East Meets Watts. Probably Rattlers a close second.


Regarding MST3K , Cinematic Titanic, etc. I find it very difficult (impossible) to decide on a favorite, but I thought the following riff was funny…

Nothing to be afraid of, just a big green tadpole with an overbite
who is going to leave this world, I’m done now.
— Joel Hodgson - Cinematic Titanic - Alien Factor


Oh, no doubt. Rattlers, Wasp Woman are favorites. Isn’t Legacy of Blood one of those: maybe wrong title, but the one with the semi-incestuous “bond” between brother and sister…yeah, maybe that’s something with me, but I like the sister in that one.

OK, I didn’t say anything…damn…my rosary’s in the car…well…I’ll do an extra tomorrow to atone for my venial sins of l*st (really? “l\ust” is a banned word? I follow the G-rated idea reluctantly but faithfully, and with utmost mockery, but it’s a little ridiculous out of the box. At least “box” isn’t censored.).

Some of them are just beyond rewatch for me, but there’s some good ones.


Rattlers has got to be my favorite CT. I think it just hits on all cylinders, plus it is the most legitimate use of the call-back, “watch out for snakes”.


You ever have that experience where you notice something in a movie and then you can’t ignore it? I had that with Rattlers. It’s a really minor thing, but it stands out every time to me now.

When the mother is in the trailer preparing dinner and the two boys are talking to her, the whole time she is digging around in a Chinese takeout container with a spoon. It just goes on and on. I keep waiting for J. Elvis to chime in “Lady, you’re never going to scrape up enough General Tso’s sauce for five people.”


The Wasp Woman and The Alien Invasion.


The MinimalistST3K Liveapalooza!!! My ultimate fandom. :blush: :squid: :sunny:

My three favorites are Wasp Woman, War of the Insects, and East Meets Watts. Honorable mention to Blood of the Vampires, Danger on Tiki Island, and The Alien Factor.

I actually love Cinematic Titanic more than MST3K. I saw them live and met them, I took up residence on the forum for long enough to enroll in and graduate from high school with only one troll met ever, and it was movie riffing and friendship in its purest form.

The only movie I didn’t get to see was the Samson sword and sandal movie. I wish they taped it and could show us in the Gizmoplex. I don’t get why it wasn’t good enough to sell.


East Meets Watts. The spit take alone is classic.


East Meets Watts is great indeed. “It’s Richard Roundtree’s birthday!”

Of the studio (versus live) shows it’s a tie between Legacy Of Blood and The Wasp Woman for me.

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It was really hard for me to get into that series. Only one I cared about was Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

I did have soft spots for Oozing Skull, Wasp Woman, Legacy of Blood, and East Meets Watts.

Really did want to see the three other movies that didn’t make it to DVD.


Points for using the term “interregnum”.


I agree. As an old shop hand, points for « interregnum ». Yeah, it is an old timer.

But, I have to bring up the elephant in the room: I don’t know how many people have known about the infamous “Buddy Rich” tapes, but I really thought…was it J Elvis who did the pretty poor caricature/impression of these?

On the one hand, respect for perhaps introducing these classic, notorious tapes to a new audience, but for people who’ve known these [the original Buddy Rich tapes] since forever, it really isn’t a very good impression. And the vomiting sight/sound gag was pretty over the top.

All right, I’ve said my piece, and I am very glad that the CT “episodes” exist. Back of envelope calculation, about 75 or 80% of these were really classic trash movies bigly enhanced by the riffing.


I actually skip most of the CT host segments myself, they don’t quite gel for me. Probably another reason I like the live episodes so much more, they don’t have those segments.

The Buddy Rich one was in poor taste. I think it was one of the unseen crew that played the character in that, not any of the CT stars. Most likely one of the “staff” of the archive facility where the movie riffing is supposed to be taking place.

Speaking of CT in general, just visited the domain and it seems to no longer be in the original hands. There are some pages linking to CT info, but also a very suspect tab labeled “Hookup App” that goes to a site I can’t imagine Joel supporting. Was this poached by domain vultures?

I’m pretty sure it was Dana Gould who did the Buddy Rich impression. I never heard the tapes but was aware of his reputation.

The only memory I have of hearing him speak was when he would go on Johnny Carson, and that was years and years ago. As someone who doesn’t have a perfect recording of his voice in my head, I thought the impression was funny.

The vomiting bit was when some other musician, I think it was supposed to be Herb Alpert, appeared in a segment, not Buddy Rich. Buddy Rich was attacked by wasps.

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