Citizen Kane and Old Town Road have similar themes

So I’ve had these thoughts for a while, I thought this might be the best place to air them…

Old Town Road and Citizen Kane have more in common than you’d think

Both are stories of people who obtained wealth and success through questionable means, eventually leaving the life they once knew behind…Despite there success and wealth, they long for the simple life they once had, an Idea best represented by a single thing.

The Music Video for Old Town Road shows two bank robbers who get sent forward in time… The singer wishes they could go back to that old town road, but they can’t anymore…Just as the Sled, Rosebud represents the childhood Charles Foster Kane gave up, the Old Town Road also represents the humble beginnings of someone successful who can’t go back to that.

I’m sure the film critics are going to destroy me in the comments for daring to say anything like this about their beloved film, but I really don’t care, art is subjective.

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There are only a handful of basic plots - if you dig deep enough you can find similarities between lots of supposedly disparate stories.

Ask me how the TV show Pose is similar to the movie The Best Years of Our Lives.


If you squint hard enough, every movie is in the bible.


When I was taking writing courses, I think they listed three
Man vs Man
Man vs Nature
Man vs Himself

And lately have added a new one:
Man vs Technology

Another list I’ve seen lists these:
Fight the Monster
Rags to Riches
The Quest
The Voyage
Rising after Falling
Falling after Rising

So, yeah, the core plot concept is nothing new or different. The key is what you do with those basics. That’s where the real story-telling begins.


Eh, I’m already in my pajamas.

Hoagy Carmichael is on “Pose”?

Also, what’s “Pose”?

Pose is a TV show about ballroom culture in the 1980s, concentrating on many black gay and trans characters. Billy Porter won an Emmy for it.

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Tell me about it.