Classic Episodes Rewards Availability

I was wondering if there is an update as to when to classic episodes rewards will be available to download. I would like to binge the episodes before season 13 premieres, so I’m hoping they will be available soon!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! I totally don’t have an answer to your question, but I do suggest you check this out. It is free and legal, just a compilation of links to episodes online. Usually there is at least one link that works for every episode (except… what is it, s1e3?


Just make sure you have your hip-waders on, because the site owner has abandoned even the pretense of moderating so there’s tons of spam all over the place that’s never cleaned up. :confused:


Yeah, I only go for the links, and I wear a big adblocker when I do.

I’m just gonna leave that there and move on… lol!


Yes, it makes me sad to see it, especially when there are members who would be happy to do some cleaning if they only had the ability to do so. I keep hoping that he’ll turn up again and fix things.

I believe there was an update that talked about aiming for a November release of the classic episodes. But at this point that seems unlikely.

A previous update mentioned reworking the logos/meta data for the movies.

So since this is a small crew of dedicated individuals, and NOT a billionaire lowlife who underpays their employees and demands they churn out product at a furious pace, regardless of quality or their own health/safety, I imagine a small delay is in order.

And it’s MST, so a few detours/speed bumps should be expected!


I just checked the content on VHX. None of the new title cards are in place, so that project must still be underway.