Closed captioning corrections

I’ve noticed some closed caption mistakes, where the captioner is obviously not a Mistie, or not paying attention to the movie, or just didn’t understand a riff (in classics and in Season 13 captions).

For instance, “The Beginning of the End” has a couple of places where the captions say “bird eye” when our guys are talking about producer/director Bert I. Gordon. 10:58, 14:04
16:03 Aims, 17:33 etc Aimes
35:00 union rings ==> onion rings

Can the streaming movies be updated as needed? Do the powers-that-be even worry about this? If so, I propose posting caption corrections here.


There is a Google form for reporting captioning issues.


Cool, thanks!

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Is there a way for us to verify that our submission was sent? I filled out the form and clicked the submit button, but Other than it briefly dimming, I see no evidence that it’s actually saved or sent.

I used to work in the closed captioning biz, and nothing irritates me more than bad transcribing.
I never had the pleasure of captioning a MST episode, but I did have to proofread a few (JOY!) for when they aired on Netflix, I think.
The script I was given had Announcer: as the speaker ID for Magic Voice. You best believe I changed every single one of those.

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Well I found something a bit more….um….unexpected?

In Black Scorpion, there’s an F-Bomb outta nowhere. It goes by pretty quickly so the first time I saw it, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d seen what I’d seen!

See below. It’s at 6:54, near the beginning of the film.

Thank you for catching this—I have submitted it directly to the team.

Thank you!

Wow. Servo got spicy.


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