Closed Captions: Orejas-- The Ears of Fate

I’ve seen other threads saying that subtitles will be forthcoming for the new episodes, which is fantastic.

However, The Gizmoplex doesn’t seem to even have captioning for the classics and Vault Picks. I know they exist, because I’ve watched them before when MST3K was on Hulu.

I partially lost my hearing during a diving accident and it’s so much easier to watch when I have the subs as a backup, especially since the riffs come from offscreen. Is it a licensing thing? Do I have a technical issue? Did the crew just not make captions accessible for the 'Plex?

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That’s odd. I’ve been watching a number of the classic episodes with captions. Do you happen to remember which ones you’re referring to specifically?

Here are a couple of frames I snapped just now. The option for captions doesn’t even seem to be available.

The vault picks, unfortunately, still don’t appear to be captioned. The regular S3 version of (say) Pod People is, but the vault picks add material so those captions don’t align to the modified movie.

Ivan said back at the start of the month captioning was coming for those, but at least on the Roku app I haven’t seen it yet.


Also, if you could provide any information on how you’re viewing the episodes (browser, operating system), that might be useful. Like, I’m using Firefox v. 100.0.2 on Windows 10.

And I’m also wondering, if you’re viewing these on a web browser, are you using any add-ons that might be interfering with your ability to access/display captions?

As for the Vault Picks, those don’t appear to have captions available (at least, in their Vault Picks form), and @Ivan is aware of the issue:

(EDIT: what @imdwalrus said)

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@optiMSTie I’m watching on Fire TV via the Gizmoplex/MST3K app. What @imdwalrus said about aligning the captions with the new bits makes total sense. At least they’re aware of it and it’s not just me.


Yeah, for the Vault Picks, captions aren’t selectable as an option.

For the classic episodes, those should be selectable whether you’re using the VHX site or the Gizmoplex Virtual Theater.


Click the [CC] icon on the bottom of the video, and then select “English (United States)”


Click the cartoon speech bubble on the bottom of the video, then click the “English (United States)” text.

Ah, gotcha.

I’m not familiar with the Fire TV setup for the Gizmoplex/MST3K app, but just to make sure that everything else is all right, are you able to get the captions up for the other classic episodes that aren’t part of this month’s Vault Picks?

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Just tried it with Spider Island and Eegah and the caption settings worked for both. I’m pretty sure it didn’t before. So I guess the lack of captions is just limited to everything in the “Library” category.

…Which is what you said above. Thanks guys for your quick responsiveness!


Excellent to hear that the captions are working!

What you said here brought me back around to the first thing that you said:

I did some poking around in the Gizmoplex Member Pass section, and I looked for what did and did not have captions.

For the three new episodes, those should have captions, but that’ll apply to the “final” versions of the episodes. That is, the ones with titles that simply read “Santo in the Treasure of Dracula,” “Robot Wars,” and “Beyond Atlantis.”

As of now, the livestream premieres of the episodes (with the titles “Premiere 1301: Santo in the Treasure of Dracula,” “Premiere 1302: Robot Wars,” and “Premiere 1303: Beyond Atlantis”) do not have captions.

The three shorts by themselves (“Pipeline to the Clouds,” “Let’s Make a Meal in 20 Minutes,” and “Court Case”) should all have accessible captions.

The livestream replay of the Manos tribute (titled “EVENT REPLAY: A Tribute to… MANOS”) is the only livestream tribute episode that has accessible captions so far.

The other two livestream replays for Future War and Hobgoblins do not have accessible captions as of this typing.

Hope this helps!


Very welcome - cheers, and happy viewing!

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I can confirm that the three final versions of the season 13 episodes do have captions now:

These are available under the GIZMOPLEX MEMBER PASS area.


And they’re things of beauty, those captions. I always like to use them when I watch MST3K.

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Thank you guys for all you do.


Very welcome, always.

And hey, thank you for contributing here!

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