CLOSED: Chat appears then disappears on live streams.

This problem started last time when the Demon Squad stream started encountering problems. I was in the live chat with others, waiting through the technical issues. But then… the chat window disappeared. Then I tried refreshing and the window would appear then disappear with no way to bring it back.

Now I’m opening the page for the Gamera vs Jiger livestream and I’m having the same problem: chat window pops up upon initial load. Then it disappears before any text can be displayed. (I know the stream’s not up yet, but I do like to have it open and chat with others while waiting. As I have been able for previous livestreams.)

Is there any solution, or is this a problem with the website its self?

What OS and browser are you using?

Several questions in addition to Ron’s above:

  1. Are you accessing chat from the VHX site ( or the Virtual Theater (
  2. Have you tried doing a hard refresh of the site (hold down Shift and reload the page twice)?
  3. Have you tried logging out of and back into your account?

I am currently have chat open in the Virtual Theater so it’s definitely working—we just need to figure out why it’s giving you problems.

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Also, try opening it in another window at mst3k dot com slash chat (Arena). Worst case, you can keep it open there.


Windows 7 and Chrome.

The VHX site.

Yes and yes.

Someone in chat has suggested a recent Windows update may be causing the issue. If you have it handy, please try Firefox.

This is an ongoing problem with the site hosting the chat (Arena) and is outside the MST3K team’s control. They are aware of the issues.