CLOSED: Chat in Kingadome no longer working....

This week there appears to be an issue with the chat.

“check make sure you arent in incognito mode”

C’mon Ivan - You know me - you know I have helped with issues in the past. you know ive never had this problem before. pls get back to me ASAP - you have 12 minutes

Suggestion from chat: Try Firefox.

(No, really. Something about a Windows update.)

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Yeah i have to watch in chrome and chat in firefox this week, apparently. How can this be so broken? Especially when sites like Vaughnlive do it so easily.

I’m sorry it’s just really upsetting to me. I’m going through a tough time in my life and it’s just very upsetting when you can’t enjoy the thing you are looking forward to, and you have to panic scramble to try and figure it out in under 20 minutes. I know it’s stressful on your end as well. But these things need to be fully addressed in advance. And when there are issues - imho, you need to 1- inform people, and 2 - fix it instead of just telling folks to figure it out for themselves, or delay the premiere till its fixed so EVERYONE who paid for it can enjoy it. Thank You for listening.

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I understand your frustration with the chat function. Unfortunately, there isn’t much the team can do about it. The software is a third-party add-on to the Virtual Theater, so their options are extremely limited when it comes to technical difficulties.

In future, be aware that ad blockers, such as ublock origin do not play well with the chat software, and for me at least is the main culprit for the incognito error. If you are running ublock in your browser, you need to turn it off to get the chat function to work.


Closed for lack of activity. Please PM to reopen/with ongoing issues.