CLOSED: "(find out more)" goes nowhere in Firefox

I’m noticing that the Gizmoplex now has hovers over the download and watch party options. Each of them has an option what looks like it should be a link, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere. Anybody know where those are supposed to go or what I can do with them?

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Both of those links should be working for you—Find Out More on the Watch Party link goes to "How can I host a watch party?" - MST3K & Gizmoplex Help Desk and the Download link goes to "How can I download episodes I own?" - MST3K & Gizmoplex Help Desk.

If you’re not seeing or unable to access those links, please try doing a hard refresh on the site: hold down the Shift key while reloading the page twice.

I hope that helps!


Ah, thank you. It might also be a browser issue? (I’m using Firefox on Linux, which means that I’m probably a couple of degrees removed from most of the machines used for testing.)


My next guess was that it may be browser-related. The site is currently optimized for Chrome, so things sometimes get a little funky with other (and/or older) browsers.

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I have tested this in Firefox, Chrome and Safari (all Mac) and confirm that those links do nothing in Firefox but work correctly in the other browsers.

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Closed due to age and non-recurrence. Message mods to reopen.