CLOSED: Giant Spider Invasion video quality issue

Just finished watching Giant Spider Invasion to check out the new Vault Pick segments - the picture quality was pretty sketchy. The conversion/import into the Gizmoplex system seems to have not gone super great. The deinterlacing in particular was pretty bad - lots of edging artifacts the whole time. I quickly checked a few others from S8 and didn’t see this issue. Here’s a quick example shot with Horror of Party Beach on the left and Giant Spider Invasion on the right:
The sign shows pretty bad stair-stepping and the left edge of the blue planet/basketball shows those deep, deep interlace bars. That kind of issue was constant to the point of distraction.


MOD HAT: This thread has been moved to the Help Desk area where it can be voted on to bring more attention to the problem. If you are seeing the same issue, please vote! @ivan’s team prioritises work based on your feedback.


Yup, I’m getting the same. @ivan

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Decomb filter! We need decomb in the conversion room STAT!

Does the same issue occur on the regular version of Spider Invasion?


Yes, it does. Appears to be exactly the same as far as I can tell at a quick skim.\

Also of note, but a completely separate issue I discovered while testing this and getting comparison shots: When you search up episodes you’ll get two different ‘versions’ of them, one with the just the title and another with the episode number listed (“The Giant Spider Invasion” vs “810. The Giant Spider In…” ) and currently the links for all the Just a Title do not work. It lands on a 404 Page Not Found error. Here’s the two example URLs from this episode:

Working: 810. The Giant Spider Invasion - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX


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Thanks for letting us know about this. If it’s an issue with the “non Vault Pick” version, that means we’re going to need to hunt down a new source file, which makes it unlikely we’ll be able to resolve this quickly.

(We’re in the process of hunting down better source files across ALL classic episodes in hopes of improving several issues, but it could take several months to improve the collection.)

Thanks for the heads up about this.

Seems to be another failure of Vimeo OTT’s core system. We’ve let them know about it and provided screenshots, so hopefully they can do something…

That said – as usual – we’ve got no real ability to fix it ourselves. We’re focusing more on the Virtual Theater, where we can fix these kinds of issues when they occur, but I apologize that the core Vimeo OTT experience doesn’t work better (or at all).


Add The Day the Earth Froze to the list with interlacing issues.

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It’s that the regular episode of the Vault picks version? Sometimes there are issues related to the editing to add the bonus content.

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This is an ongoing problem with the site hosting the video platform (Vimeo) and is outside the MST3K team’s control. They are aware of the issues.