CLOSED: Havent recieved my Perks Merch, including hoodie?!?

Hello, i don’t know where else to go to figure out about my status on my perks purchased items. Its been months since I’ve gotten any update on when they will be shipped. PLEASE :pray: :pray: :pray: if anyone could help me figure out when i will be getting my MST3K perks, especially the black hoodie, i would appreciate it. Also had anyone else gotten their hoodie/shirts yet?

Hi! Most things aside from the 3D glasses and Holiday Card from last year have not yet gone out. The most recent update, found here, says that they expect to have all items in their fulfillment warehouse by 12/8. Tracking information will be updated in your Backerkit profile when that happens.

Hope that helps.


Current info on when KS rewards will be shipped can be found here:


have they sent out the email regarding shipping charges yet? latest update says they would send the email mid-late november but i havent gotten anything yet

I haven’t yet.

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any update on this? latest news says emails for shipping payment will be sent mid-late November with hopes of shipping rewards by December 8 but I have not yet received an email asking for shipping costs.

I’m sure the team is getting ready for the grand finale theater premiere of Christmas Dragon which is this weekend. Any info about shipping costs may be delayed as a result.


That’s not for two weeks. But I’m sure the Turkey day was a lot, and they have FOUR DAYS IN AROW of live events upcoming… so I’m sure things will get going soon enough.

Have patience, everyone. Things will happen in due time.

No, there is a finale event this weekend in Pennsylvania for backers who bought VIP tickets.


Oh, the in person event! Yeah I’m sure that will be their focus for the time being. I forgot about that, as it was beyond my budget…

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Any news on the “Download: Gizmoplex Founders Packet” posted anywhere?

Apologies – we’re trying to get a backer update out amidst everything else going on, but this got delayed one last time because a few items were delayed getting to the warehouse.

As of this week, we’re told everything has finally arrived, but now we’re also told it’ll take the warehouse another 10-20 days to calculate all of the shipping costs, which – realistically – means we’re unlikely to be able to collect shipping until late December, and to send rewards out until January.

The good news is, shipping prices will drop again right after the holidays, so we’ll at least be able to charge a good deal less than if we were on schedule to ship them in December.

I’m so sorry for the wait, all… we’re beyond grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding.


Your candor and absolute professionalism is FOREVER appreciated. You’ve persevered beyond the 2015 Kickstarter Campaign, Region Locking on the S11 Blu-Ray discs, the 2021 Kickstarter, the 2022 Supply Chain Nightmare, and everything in between. My eternal compliments and gratitude to you on your perpetual contribution to MST3K since 2015. Thank You Ivan.


Yeah, really appreciate the heads-up. It’ll get here when it gets here, I just want to make sure I don’t miss my window to pay the shipping.


Supply chains are still extremely sucky.

I still don’t have furniture and I moved into this apartment in August.

Thanks for keeping us informed - we can handle the truth!


Eeep, no furniture? So you’re using crates of hamdingers for a table and chairs?


Plastic chairs that a former housemate is lending me.

I do have a bed, but no living room furniture.

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