CLOSED: live stream s13e2, audio delayed slightly (before the pause for sync at 55min)

There’s a noticeable delay in the arrival of audio, resulting in a lipsync issue.
This is clear by watching any speaking scenes, both movie and interstitial (Jonah and bots, Mads, commercials)
Mouth movement is seen first and speech audio starts about 1/4 second after.
I stopped and restarted the live feed, and noticed no change.
Using my usual setup for all streaming movies and services.
A receiver/TV with Apple TV attached, using the tvOS app.

Interstitial are loud in comparison to the movie/riffing.
Roughly 6-8dB difference on the receiver.
Movie to riff balance seems good, but riffing is a bit loud compared to other dialog.

I have the app audio config (streaming controls, speaker icon) set to Full Dynamic Range, which is our preferred setting in general across the system and when using other services.

Intermission is slightly louder still, another 2-4dB

This is before the “pause for audio sync” at 55min.
Afterward, the delay seemed to be cut in half, but still present.


Noticed the same, except that before the audio sync, the movie audio seemed much lower than the riffing/host segments. I had to set the TV to where the riffs were shouting to hear the film. After the sync, it seemed closer but still the riffs a bit too loud compared to the film. Maybe I just got used to it.

I am also using AppleTV and the tvOS app.


Not sure who reads these, but … I’d like to offer at least a quick consult regarding the a/v path in use for these live streams.
I’ve been working in production since 1993, and have specialized in audio engineering as well as information technology in support of video production in general.
I’m curious where in the chain of gear you’re looping in the audio to the streaming appliance (or app.) The hardware and software in that chain is likely the culprit; where each can add some latency.
If your streaming appliance/app doesn’t allow for altering this sync; you may want to look at tapping audio earlier in that chain, if at all possible.
I’m thinking this is redundant information, that you already know. But, I’d like to help, if I can.
If there’s any merit to my offer, please reach out. :disguised_face:


I’m sure it was just my imagination, but there were a number of times when the audio seemed out-of-sync for one character in a scene but no one else in the exact same scene.

It seemed the worst in scenes at HQ/Homebase/whatever where Rooney and Drake were arguing - Drake and Stumpy would be perfectly fine, but then Rooney would be out of sync. When the camera went back to Drake, he was fine. Switch to Rooney, and out of sync.

Again, probably my imagination and/or some sort of weird thing with Rooney’s face.


I’m close to 1/3 the way through and the audio sync is off by a second or two. It’s been getting worse as it goes. It’s starting to make it difficult to watch. Hope this is fixed soon.

Edit: and its fixed.


Just my 2¢ but… the Dialog replacement in older movies is rarely dead on. I notice it regularly, in published media (LDs, VHS, DVDs, BluRays.)
80s and 90s are rife with it.

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Closed due to age and non-recurrence of issue.