CLOSED: Season 13 (episodes/shorts/event replays/vault picks etc.) currently not playing in virtual theater

All of my other purchased material seems to play in the virtual theater. It’s only the newest stuff. I’ve logged out/logged back in, did the cache clearing refreshes, all of that. Still not working.

(I am only talking specifically about the virtual theater, the season 13 stuff does play currently on the gizmoplex website).

This season 13 issue was mentioned in a different thread as well by someone else:

Is this a known issue yet? Is there a time table? I didn’t see anything else about this in the top pages, please forgive me / delete this if it’s already there.


Vimeo kinda kicked it on Friday. That probably messed up every other season 13 episode as well. Chances are no one will be around to do anything about it until tomorrow.


The Gizmoplex isn’t working again. This is just as a reference for tomorrow when they look into the issue.

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I don’t know.

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We believe this is now fixed, at least temporarily. It seems connected to the larger problems on Vimeo’s side that disrupted the livestream on Friday night. We’re looking into it, but this should work for now.

If you still have trouble accessing ANY videos in the Screening Bunkers, please post a screenshot here and include the name of the video and the error message you received.