Collections - show 'em off!!

Do you have a collection your are proud of? Or at least proud enough of that you would want to show it off? Do it here! Books, art, lawn furniture, whatever.

Note, there is already a MST3K Collection thread, so let’s keep this to non-MST3K stuff.

I’ll start with my music collection.

The CDs:

The records (10" and 12"):

The records (7")

The tapes:


I don’t really collect anything, but, among other things, I have a small collection of old telephones.

Some of them sorta kinda work.

The Bell hard hat was received from a Bell tech, in trade for a different old phone.

Oh, and a couple old cameras


I have a huge collection of film posters, mostly inherited, but almost all of them are either behind ones currently on display or stuck behind the living room TV if they’re cardboard-backed. But I probably have 100 or so, dating back at least to the 1930s.


I collect crystal decanters. My favorite is the ship’s decanter on the left. €180 value, $9 at Goodwill.


The only visible part of the poster collection:

I also have collections of Chaplin and King Kong memorabilia that we aren’t sure what to do with.

I mean, who wants this and how would I safely get it to them? It weighs a ton.

To be fair, a dog or two might be interested, although the previous dog who saw it got very angry at it.

Some other items in the collection:

This is only a small part. My mother has a lot of it too.


Some of the King Kong collection:

This is a bank:

Plenty more where those came from.