Coloring Books

A mention of the Disney movie Blackbeard’s Ghost in another thread, brought back the memory of something I’d not thought about in decades, namely the coloring book I had as a kid that was based on that movie.


That made me try to recall some of the other coloring books I had way back when. A couple other ones I could think of:

Is it just me or does it seem like this artist held some kind of personal grudge against Robert Vaughan? Even Mr. Waverly wasn’t that wrinkled!

So, anybody else care to share memories of the books they colored in during the boring parts of TV shows when they were a kid?


Dick Nixon trying to look appealing to children is pure nightmare fuel :scream:


Beat me to it. Yeah that’s kinda terrifiying


It had a lot of coloring books as a kid. I remember having some that were My Little Pony, Barbie, Care Bears, some that were just collections of pictures of animals (mostly horses which I was obsessed with as a kid), but then, there was this:

The funny thing about this is that I never watched the cartoon at all. I had no idea who Jem and the Holograms were. I think I figured it was just another Barbie coloring book. :slight_smile:


God, so many coloring books as a kid. I was big into anything that the Ninja Turtles were doing once upon a time, and the coloring books factored into that.

Some Ghostbusters, too, from what I remember. Inspector Gadget as well, and more than a few Peanuts and Sesame Street coloring books.

Loved that stuff.

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The David Lynch Dune movie had a coloring book.


The series I remember as a kid, I can’t find any evidence of now, but we used markers and the pictures were all “horror vacui” type. Sorta like this:

That looks more like the stuff I color now. I have mandalas and flowers and abstract scenery. I love coloring.