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Thanks, you guys, I haven’t been to the comic book shop in ages, and like the record store, I can’t walk out without spending less than 100$…
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There is a Flaming Carrot Omnibus Vol. 1 available in both dead tree and digital format over at

Since it came out five years ago, I’m guessing sales weren’t strong enough to warrant a volume 2, but that’s par for the course with Flaming Carrot.



I was today years old when I found out that Bill Murray was Johnny Storm in a radio adaptation of the Fantastic Four?!?!?!


I’ve been buying collections of old legendary comic book arcs lately and improving my nerducation. I just finished Maximum Carnage, which is a fun little answer to all the grimdark superheroes of the '90s. Then I realized I could save serious money by getting a Marvel Unlimited subscription and NOT buying $40 books. Physical comics are cooler, but I have bills to pay.

I’m starting with the original Uncanny X-Men run and finding it surprisingly readable. It’s got a lot of that overwraught Stan Lee writing that he was so good at, and the characters are only cardboard cutouts of what they’ll become, but it’s impressive how quickly it figured itself out. In just 15 issues, I’ve read about The Danger Room, Cerebro, Magneto, Juggernaut, The Blob, Asteroid M, Sentinels, the sparks of romance between Jean Grey and Cyclops, and Unus the Untouchable!


I’m an oldster when it comes to comics, and the new Marvel universe has me thoroughly confused, the whole Thanos arc, and mish mash of confusing X-men movies, Spider Man franchises, and what not. It gets better, the New Mutants, Secret Wars, Dazzler (recommended), and more!

They are just now starting to bring the Beyonder around, and if he’s not played by Bruce Campbell or someone just as screen heavy, they will drop the ball once again.

I’m still waiting for the Contest of Champions, which was the first battle royale arc that I’m aware of in the Marvel universe!

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I just posted a list at Letterboxd with notes, focusing on Wonder Woman on screen (the ones I’ve seen, that they feature on that site)

Working on that makes me want to dig into the old long -and short- boxes and do some re-reading… and I’m going to have more free-time on my hands soon, so why not.

Might start in on a re-read of Revival, and also Azzarello’s Wonder Woman series.

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I’m very tempted to get back into DC, particularly Justice Society. DC has played the JSA dirty for some time, in my opinion, but the review I read of issue #9 sounds like it’s very much in the spirit of the late 90s/ early 00s comic I love so much (so much so that I made a whole bunch of RPG characters inspired by them.)

Anyway, the JSA is recruiting new members, and a mysterious hero shows up asking to join the team.

It turns out to be Mordru, the first villain of the 90s team seeking redemption (allegedly).

Now THAT is the kind of twist that I loved!


Hmm, I looked to see if my library has the first trade, and it does, via Hoopla. So, I’m going to check it out. I remember enjoying John’s JSA series from a decade or so back, the one with Stargirl (and others of course).

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Yeah, before Geoff Johns got overextended and there were various editorial shenanigans occurred.

But that VERY first JSA story? That was great. The reveal of the villain was truly jaw-dropping, even if they had telegraphed it in the JSA: Secret Files & Origins comic. In fairness, internet searches back then weren’t quite what they are now, so just saying that “The Dark One” first debuted in Adventure Comics wasn’t going to tip off a lot of fans of the day.

And speaking of comics of that era, I loved Hourman by Tom Peyer & Rags Morales. Matt Tyler got played dirty. Putting him on a bus in favor of that dullard Rick Tyler… Fooey!

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I have limited wall space, but The Goon and Fishy Pete have found a spot in the office closet with the printer and my fly rods.


You know, I might just have to start getting into DC Comics again. I mentioned the current run of JSA previously, and how that would appear to hit my sweet spot. This past week, I learned about Shazam! #10.

The cover features a dinosaur in a top hat and a monocle, and the story revolves around Billy Batson and Tawky Tawny buying a van, complete with a portrait of Zeus airbrushed on the side. I don’t need to know any damn more, that’s just perfect.


I checked out some of the new DC TPBs and wasn’t all that impressed, JSA, Catwoman and Wonder Woman - they’re all okay, but nothing special, and a lot of it, for an older comic book reader, was too familiar (Catwoman)

So, I’m re-reading some of my old favorites, first up, Revival.

Now that I know all the answers, the mystery part of it is lost, but it is more tragic, sad, now that I know what’s what.

Plus - neat to see all the ads and remember all the titles I used to read and enjoy. Image was really at a peak period.