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Of course, Chameleon HAD to fluster Kirk by morphing into a hot space babe. Oh, how outre’ in 2010 or whenever it was. :roll_eyes:

Just once, I’d like to see someone upset the apple cart by having Kirk or some other manly dude respond with a shrug and, “Well, THAT’S nice, too. More coffee?”

Sounds like Captain Jack from Doctor Who.

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If the BBC had that kind of budget, I’d encourage them to change the genders of every character at least once a month. Include genders which don’t even exist in our time period. YET.

If a certain sector of fans is gonna’ cry nonstop anyway, they should have something to really cry about. [taps foot]

It was especially funny when they announced the female Doctor, and some fans lost their minds, citing, “Oh, but the rules as previously established…” They change the rules all the damn time! That was even the crux of one of the Doctor’s big speeches. “NEVER tell me The Rules!!!”

It was like when there was talk years and years ago about maybe casting Donald Glover as Peter Parker (which would eventually gives us Miles Morales), and people lost their damn minds, as if a poor kid from Queens could ONLY be a white guy.

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Fandom would be a beautiful and inspiring experience if there weren’t so many fans in it.

Present company excepted, of course. :innocent:

Yeah, like Star Wars fans. Some form the 501st and go around visiting sick children in hospitals and generally trying to make the world a kinder place. And then there are the kinds of fans who bullied Jake Lloyd because of Episode 1, who, bear in mind, was a literal child at the time.

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The Comic Book tie-in to the film Creepshow is available on the Internet Archive. Bernie Wrightson did the artwork. It’s very good.