Comics! Now that I have your attention, post yours!

I am a comic book creator who has been working independently for well over a decade. I know that there are other comic creators here, so I wondered if we could have a dedicated discussion thread where comic creators can share their work, crowdfunding campaigns, and updates. I am always after comics to read.

Does that sound good?

If you are a comic creator, please share what you’ve done and where we can see it, and if you have an update, please feel free to post it. Just be sure other people get a chance to see other posts and try not to dominate the thread.

I’m gonna wait to post mine because I don’t want to look like I am just trying to get my work out there in front of your eyeballs. So, by all means, please, share your comics!

And if you don’t make comics, please check out the comics posted and let us know what you think? It’s sometimes really tough to get eyes on our work, and we could all use the ego boost from a nice comment from time to time.

What do you think, Sirs?


I’m not a comic creator, but I’ve wanted to write an MST3K webcomic for a while. Too bad that I have literally no artistic ability lol


One of my (several) comic projects was riffing public domain comics using the robots from one of my comic strips, RGBots.

I’ve been sitting on these robots and riffs since like, 2015, so imagine my delight learning about the MST3K comic!


20 years ago I was going to write a comic that my friend Russell Richardson was going to illustrate. We had 2 ideas that made it to the initial artwork phase, and one that got a few finished pages. This is one of them:


I was one of several writers for a now defunct web comic called 144 Anima, based on the staff of the magazine 411 Mania. It centered around a world-conqueror supervillain and his sidekick, a super-intelligent talking monkey, who were banished to our world and forced to get jobs as an editor and a writer for a comic book review site.

Alas, it ended when the artist became more successful doing other work and they never bothered to get a replacement. And then the comics department of 411 Mania broke off to form Inside Pulse and the comic was lost except on

I’ve got most of them saved. I really should try and archive them someday.

This is probably my favorite of all the ones I wrote.


I also wrote a guest series of strips for my friend Don Cook’s comic Every Day Is Halloween, which was about a group of “Halloweentown” style monsters who got stuck in reality after missing the portal home one Halloween night.

The series were a tribute to my friend Daniel Henry and a mockery of his unintentionally awful funeral. Suffice it to say, I only slightly toned down half the audience being dressed in Rocky Horror costumes and cosplay. The pastor overseeing things DID keep calling him David instead of Daniel, which was even worse given that his best friend and brother were both named David… which made it creepy how he kept talking about how David was in a better place. So this six-page comic was a valuable catharsis for most of us after that.


I did some comics waaaay back in the 90s, and recently started playing around with them again. I really love the collaborative nature of the storytelling.

(Plus, I’ll never, ever get tired of seeing an artist draw my characters!)

Last year I did an 8-page story with Carlos Trigo, though we weren’t able to find a home for it.

If anyone wants to read the whole thing, it’s available as a free pdf here: Download Ghosts, Bigfoot, & Free Lunches: a Pink Molly short story


OK, I would buy the hell out of a “Pink Molly” series.



Tons of cool stuff, but I especially love the color palette – you totally nailed the EC look!


Thanks. Wally Wood was front and center in my head for issue one. Marie Severin’s coloring was very inspiration to the pop art colors in my book. If I get issue 2 done, it will be a tribute to Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta. It has fistfights and a weird planet with mushrooms.


I love the range of styles and approaches on display here.

@AndrewCrossett Your page’s style hits me right in my 90s/early-aughts indie sweet spot! Plus, the phrase “method writer” cracks me up.

@Starman I have been to a funeral where half the attendees are LARPers, and the other half can’t stop staring at all the pointy ears. It’s definitely a surreal experience…

@hpkomic The public domain/riffing approach is so much fun! I like the clean, easy-to read riffs. (And thanks for starting this thread!)


This is Stickman. He hits people with sticks. And he likes to eat breadsticks and mozzarella sticks.


Yes, the high point of this funeral was when the head technician for the Rocky Horror troupe entered to join the reception line dressed as Dee Snider from Twisted Sister in full glam rock attire to keep a promised to the deceased.

It gave most of us the laugh we sorely needed after the generic Texan memorial where the pastor kept getting the name of the deceased wrong and talked about how we would all miss Daniel’s warm hugs while watching the Cowboys. (He was an introvert who hated sports and being touched.)


Now that there are so many other comics in the thread, I can feel less guilty sharing mine! But first, I want to say how much I am enjoying seeing all the work posted. This is very exciting!

My sci-fi adventures series is called Cosmic Dash and follows a crew on a research ship in a galaxy embroiled in a cold war. The series also has expanded to an anthology comic, multiple short stories, and even a novella.

I’ll post some pages and covers. Let me know what you think!

Also, every single comic and story is 100% free to read.


@AndrewCrossett Absolutely love the texture of the illustrations. Excellent values for shading.

@Starman Definitely find a place to archive 144 Anima. The Duck Webcomics or Comic Fury might be a good, easy option.

Also, Every Day is Halloween sounds right up my alley, so I should give that one a Google.

@VampireBanana Absolutely love the subject matter of the comic you posted and I’m going to be sure to download it.

@Some-who-call-me-Tim I absolutely love the look of this. So much talent here.

@BLARF Stickman ongoing series when?

So many of y’all need to be doing webcomics.


It has been a while since anyone has shared anything, and heck, I should post something. So how about a fun Pride drawing featuring my characters from my sci-fi adventure comic?

I would love to see us all post our comic updates when they go up, but I also don’t want to overload the thread, as I upload comics several times a week. So maybe I’ll post an update once a week with all my stuff or something. If you make comics, please share them as often as you can! I want to see them!

I am hoping that more members of the MST3K community will continue to share their comics and the like. What I would like to do is also network with you all on Twitter to share each other’s work because comics can break your heart (to quote the immortal Jack Kirby).

So, if you are on Twitter and make comics, I’d like to follow you and put you on a Gizmoplex Comics list so I can share your work alongside my own. Please reply with your Twitter handle! I’ll be happy to add you to the list.

I have a handle for each of my webcomics. @CosmicDashComic for my sci-fi series, and @RGBotscomics for my strip.

Alright, so bring on your Twitter handles, please. And if someone wants to start setting up a list or something for other social media, please feel free!

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