Coming Attractions?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place!

I haven’t been browsing the forums as regularly lately, so it’s been a tad harder for me to keep up with what live events are coming up. And I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to even be looking.

For example, I’m pretty sure there’s a live stream event this coming Friday, but the “Coming Attractions” part of the MST3K site is empty:

Am I missing something? Where is the best place for me to keep an eye on what’s coming soon?

EDIT: I also just tried clicking “coming attractions” in the header, and got this:

I missed the festival of shorts because I didn’t realize it was happening, and by the time I got the email that said it was starting in an hour, it was too late because I had already made different plans. :frowning:


IIRC, there’s a tribute to Overdrawn at the Memory Bank on Friday

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I’m pretty sure this is correct, but the fact that I can’t easily find that information on the MST website (or anywhere else immediately obvious) is messing with me, ha. Like, I backed the new season and have been at nearly every live event, and if I’m not even sure what’s happening and when, it’s probably very hard for anyone more casual to know either.

Obviously I do think the coming attractions stuff needs to be updated, but I’m also wondering if there’s another place this is posted that I just don’t know about. If so, I can keep an eye there.


What link are you using? Is that a web site or some sort of streaming app?

The best place to look for coming attraction info is the VHX site: GIZMOPLEX PASS: 12 Months (3/4/22 - 2/28/23) - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX

Or the Gizmoplex theater site (web only): The Gizmoplex


I’m looking at, which imo really should prominently display what’s coming up. Selling tickets to a live event that most people can’t easily discover is happening is probably not yielding great results (although I sincerely hope I’m wrong!).

And thanks for the suggestions - the Virtual Theater is a good place because it clearly lists what’s coming up next, but the VHX site is a pain to find upcoming events on imo. If I log in there and look at my gizmoplex pass, I have to scroll through 60+ items and hope I don’t miss the next upcoming event. And Currently, I don’t even see the Overdrawn at the Memory Bank event listed there.

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On the VHX site, upcoming events are listed first if they have ticket art, or at the very bottom if they do not. At the least, you have the dates for the remaining events, even if we don’t know what they are yet.

As for the MST3K site, I’m not sure how often that gets updated compared to the others.