Comment about class add-ons

I’m not in a position to add the intro to riffing class to my rewards package right now, but if Joel was willing to do them again in the future, I’d love to sign up. It would be fun to learn from someone who’s been doing this for so long and I think his class would probably help me become a better speaker and podcaster.

That’s all I wanted to share. Very happy to be supporting this project. :heart:


i cant speak for Joel or the crew in terms of availabilty and such, but i would be sure it could be arranged with enough interest. bear in mind , with live shows, sorting out the new season and down to getting the kickstarter surveys sent out, then organising the responses and everything else,dont bank on anything in the not too distant future.

for what its worth, you learn a lot about a style by simply experiencing a lot of it. if you like joels style, watch all the early episodes. after multiple viewings, youll always learn something new. then when you finally get to your class youll be fully prepped :slight_smile:

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The survey focuses on your rewards, but it might have been informative if it asked questions about what you might be interested in for future purchases. Things like future classes, new t-shirt designs, or a themed snacks. Or a snack subscription… that’d be classy.


We actually deliberated over that! Problem is that the data shows that the more questions you ask, the fewer people who complete the survey quickly… Or at all! So, we decided to hold future questions for a separate “census” we might start offering once a year.


That makes total sense. Like a lot of things, especially online, you’re better to stay focused and get participation than ask for too much and get nothin’. Tl;Dr is real.