Commerical Breaks (Moon 13 ads)?

In the most recent article Joel says Netflix asked them to remove the “Station Identification” ad breaks that were in season 11.

I actually really enjoyed them and definitely thought it added to the world building.

In fact, I would have loved if they came back in season 13 before the “madvertisements” we got at commercial breaks.

Was I alone on this?

  • Yes- I liked the “Moon 13 - the moon!” Ad breaks
  • No- glad they got rid of that!
  • Didn’t care one way or the other.
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I really liked them too. I understand why Netflix wouldn’t want them, but they make more sense for the Gizmoplex, IMHO.


Agree 100%.


To this day, I sometimes say, “Moon 13, the Moon!” I adored these station identifications.


I DO drop that sometimes - it’s a really great way to see if the fan you’re talking to got into the new seasons or not. :slight_smile:


Not only do they make sense for the Gizmoplex, they seem like a perfect place to drop the ads, be it the ones recorded for high-tier sponsors, or the ones that run when the episodes eventually end up on YouTube or Pluto.


I would be down for the station breaks, however, I think they should be very short, and thematically tied to the Gizmoplex.

So what you’ll get is a brief advertisement inviting you to purchase TV’s Son of TV’s Franks, Lon Chaney Jr. Mints, Good & Beautifuls, Swedish Devil Fish, or an ice cold Rowsdower’s from the Gizmoplex concession stand.


I like this idea but it feels a little “Dr. Z” to me. Still a fun idea though!

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If we have ads that are in the same style as what we had in S13, I’d love a “Moon 13 - The Moon!” or similar station ID. It would be better than the Waverly Wheel™


I liked the Moon 13 station IDs, and was sad to not see more of them, but the Gizmoplex is supposed to be a movie theater, not a TV station, so I don’t think I agree that it would make sense now.


Yeah, but the whole point is they’re doing a TV show. That’s why Kinga has trapped them.

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“It’s a floor wax!! AND it’s a dessert topping!”

“See? Both ideas can work together. Let’s watch.”



I get why Netflix said this - they were a bit longer than the classic bumpers and anything that takes away attention is probably bad. However they would be fine for anything going forward, especially with sponsors.


I didn’t like them, but that’s not important. I’m fine, but I do need a nap.

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I’ve said this elsewhere but here goes…

Its not a surprise that Netflix didn’t like them. Part of their identity is an ad-free subscription model and lots of streaming (especially younger) viewers find them jarring even objectionable.

That being said, MST3K is not an original Netflix or streaming show. It has 10 seasons of cable format precedent that fans are used to. This is a case where ELIMINATING the bumper breaks would be more jarring than retaining them. In a two hour show, the bumpers along with the host segments help pace what can be a pretty hard watch by providing regular pauses every 8-10 minutes.

More than that though, the real reason that the bumpers need to be kept, along with editing the films down to the traditional runtime of the show, is that the Gizmoplex will likely not be the resting place of the show. We’ve seen three networks (including KTMA) and two streaming platforms not to mention some local broadcasters (the MST3K Hour), Pluto, ShoutTV, etc hosting the show. I anticipate the show will see future syndication, possibly on cable but certainly on an ad-revenue based service. I want that. I want MST3K to live on forever, I want it to be seen by as many people as possible which means keeping a format that adapts to other broadcast models. So keeping spots for ads to be inserted seamlessly is crucial.


I don’t see any sponsors in the Backer Rewards this time around, which I’m perfectly fine with because they were the least funniest part of the show. (Those guys seriously got their money’s worth though. Wow.)

Since we’re all watching these episodes on streaming or DVD at this point, the only practical function the Moon 13 breaks serve at this point is to give people an reminder to rest their eyes for a second or pause use the bathroom, and to hide the edits they’ve made to the movie for time or content. (With the latter being the only really important one)

Unless there’s something funny to insert in there, like a concession stand or “bring your own oxygen” gag, I’m fine with just skipping over them. The host segment breaks are generally enough to break up the movie, unless it’s a really long and painful one.

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Season 13’s Ads were FAR too repetitive. They tried to mix it up, but gosh… after watching through the same ad for the 6th time in the season, it was DEEP HURTING…

(I just looked above my comment and chuckled not realizing the username was @DeepHurting


As if YouTube is anything like structure-of-content-aware as for placement of ads? They interrupt in the middle of a word, fer creepy’s sake.

Yeah, agree.


Yeah, Season 13 went way overboard on the ads. It might have been less annoying/repetitive if there had been more takers other than Bear Manor Media/Bendy/Onyx Path.
I’d say the “madvertising” commercials were perfectly fine once, but they wore out their welcome very quickly. (Effective though, since I still remember the names of all three companies more than a year later.)

I see they now have a $10,000 “Presenting Sponsor” level up on the showmaker page (1 currently purchased by BearManor Media, 5 remaining), but they’ve clarified that it’s for ONE episode and ONE short, with a voiceover in the end credits saying you sponsored the episode, and your logo/photo/URL to air during the intermission/pre-show.

There’s no mention of getting a custom commercial this time around, so looks like they’re as sick of that idea as we are.


BearManor paid for it, but did complain that they didn’t feel they were getting what that was worth.