Commerical Breaks (Moon 13 ads)?

Oh, I didn’t hear that part. Where did you hear they didn’t feel they got their money’s worth?

Their comment when they donated.

I think that comment was regarding what they were getting for the Presenting Sponsor level in this campaign, which does not include madvertisement spots.


BearManor here. I don’t like the rewards this time around as much as before, but I do agree that commercials, even my own, can be annoying all the time. I was just told that I could use the commercials they made for me on Other stations - not that I have the $ for that - but in case there’s a Bear fan out there with a tv station, it’s good to know. :grin: Always proud to have been the First sponsor. So I couldn’t pass this up this time.


Just wanted to thank you so much for your contributions AND for your publishing!

A great resource for a myriad of genre books.

I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit that for years I’ve been thinking of pitching you a book topic. Finding out you’re a Mistie just makes things better!


Howdy there, and welcome to the forums, @BearManor_Media, glad to have ya here!

Cheers, and much respect out that-a-ways for your publishing work and support of all things MST3K!


1: thank you for your sponsorship of both S13 and S14

2: really enjoyed the ads they did for your company, and at least for me, increased awareness, and resulted in sales. I have a few more things on my wishlist, but dealing with other huge health and car expenses that come first. (Hopefully Santa drops some cash in the stocking at Christmas)

3: can’t wait to see what the S14 ads look like :+1:

And, again, thanks!:+1: