Completed the Survey but haven't gotten the email with my Reward Codes

I checked junk mail and nothing, searched my mailbox for the backerkit “no-reply” message and nothing’s come up yet. I’m super nervous cause I definitely want to see this live! Any suggestions??


Others may have a better solution, but try logging into BackerKit using the same login info you use for Kickstarter. You can access and redeem all of your reward codes from there.


And here’s an instruction page, just in case.


I’m investigating this for you now, stand by!


Yeah, and update no. 57 was so f**king confusing I really CANNOT JUST RELAX.
I have a streaming channel called “MST3K” now on my roku…it seems to work fine. Is it the same as the “VHX” streaming channel? Who knows? And now there’s a “Gizmoplex” app. Is that again different?
What the hell am I supposed to use to watch the premiere tomorrow night!?

Ah-ha! It is in the “MST3k” streaming channel, in the category called “gizmoplex event pass”. It says “off air” at the moment; i’m hoping it comes on air at the right time tomorrow.

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I’m in this same boat (granted, I just got around to completing the survey yesterday because I am the King of the Procrastinators), but I haven’t received my email, and my BackerKit doesn’t have any of the redemption codes (that I can see) nor is there anything in the Gizmoplex site itself under Purchases (other than older stuff from 2016). Thank you!

Yay, just got my email and all is well. Thank you MST3K peeps!

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