Completely Needless Polls

One point

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Oh. Zero points.

That’s bad, probably.

WAIT! Never used AOL!

One point! Yeah!

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  • Na-Na Na-Na
  • NaNa NaNa
  • Hey Hey!
  • Goodbye
  • Noh
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Slow burn…

I had to look back to see what that was all about


Push the button?

  • One should use one’s brakes on an interstate/freeway because whatever, stuff happens, and it’s totally chill, I meant to drop that Slurpee in my lap and light my pants on fire and forgot to notice that there was heavy traffic immediately ahead and also, Creedence, man. It totally doesn’t matter. Just jam on those brakes whenever you feel like it, like don’t be so uptight, man. Because tractor/trailers, box trucks, motorcyclists have identical braking characteristics and velocity curves. It’s all awesome, man!

  • The only time one should use one’s brakes on an interstate/freeway is if there is an immediate and urgent need to apply the brakes.

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Option 3: Steep downgrade on a clear straightaway, use brakes. Law enforcement may be picking up speeders because Physics equals quota. Exception: When there is a clear uphill segment ahead. Truckers gotta truck. Tag speeders there and anger a whole industry.

Fun fact: Truckers refer to cars that speed past them as “bear bait,” meaning the speeder will occupy any cops ahead.


Or option 4: gear down. It annoys tailgaters!

TBH I’d much rather have those types in front of me as bear bait, since I don’t have a smoke detector in my cab, and don’t want them bumper stickers knocking at my back door. Can’t have no bumper stickers, 4-10?