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When people are having computer problems at work and say they have to call the helpdesk, I point out that they are neither helpful, nor a desk.



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“Backronym!” How have I never heard this? :joy:

Seriously though, I can see where you’re probably right about that. But it fits so perfectly!

Huh. I got a pack of four little bluetooth tags from an A***on promo, called the Nutale Findthing(s).

Actually they work pretty well. Designed for Android-based phones.

I’m going to meet up with my mother for a short walk in a local park to help celebrate her birthday tomorrow…she enjoys brief walks and chatting.

So, she can have two of those. I’m thinking she can put one on her cat’s collar (I don’t recall if Bobbie, their cat, wears a collar, being a strictly inside cat) for some reason, and then…I don’t know…maybe she can clip one to my dad or something. They’ll have fun with that, I’m sure.

Oh, and that’s not all! She can have a rechargeable wet-dry dustbuster-type vacuum, since she’s kind of a clean freak…well…in truth, she probably just has an average amount of diligence about lingering filth, like a regular person. And maybe some toe socks.

Not done with The Magnificent Ambersons nor The Queen’s Gambit, so she’ll have to wait on those, but I have some other pretty cool stuff.

But she has to bring me this brass sponge for cleaning soldering tips that I accidentally had delivered to their house.

When I was a boy, this is what we did for fun :flushed:


The Chipmunks were far less annoying when they looked like this.

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I don’t care that he hates jazz. What genre does Johnny love? 35 years later, we still don’t know.

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Your “true love” in The 12 Days of Christmas just sent you a whole bunch of people who you have to give lodgings to and then you also have to find a way to house all those birds.

It sounds to me like they’re just trying to make their problem your problem.


My wife just asked us what we were thankful for, and when we told her, she complained that neither of us included the dogs.

But they’re stupid and useless, so why would we be thankful for them?

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There is a large graveyard filled with my enemies. I do not wish to add to it, but will given no choice. Those who pick fights with me do so at their own peril, but maybe this is their lucky day.



Been on an analog horror kick lately. Been thinking about a MST3K-based one about some student at Gizmonics finding out bits and pieces of the experiments and recording what they learn. They’re horrified, that a janitor was kidnapped and sent into outer space to be tortured, oh what inhumane acts must he be enduring?

And then the end of each episode just shows part of a random goofy host segment. Like no, this isn’t a horror take on the show, it’s just one student not getting all the details and thinking something truly horrible is going on while Joel is…-throws dart at list of host segments-…flinging around a lemur after mistaking a kinkajou for one and calling it Joey.

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Is Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a Christmas movie, then is Fun in Ballon Land a Thanksgiving movie?
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I’m thinking most people don’t get the reference, although that’s probably for the best because a mod would likely have to step in.

I got it, and find it far more intimidating coming from No Retreat Scott up there.

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I thought it was a Thanksgiving movie. That’s when I always watch it.

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He’s more deserving of a tuba solo!


Well! Looks like I’ve been doing all right with fiber because I’m Regular again. :joy:


I feel very proud and good about those who have become Regular.

I had a good run, but TBH, I just stopped caring.

I am fairly regular, though. In the parlance of our times.

It is a great day in my abode!