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The first kid that says “delulu” at me is getting an earful of real tangible delusion. Give this a cute name, Braydon.

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I don’t have any thoughts, ever. But my unread posts count was 2235, and 35 has always been my lucky number. So I just showed up to say that.

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Taking a moment while my mom is in a rest stop to show you that I went to the world’s largest truck stop. And it was everything you would expect in a truck stop except more of it.


Oh, indeed. On the occasions I go to CA via the northern route, I have to stop as Iowa 80. Truly, it is an experience.


waves from Central Iowa :wave: :slight_smile:


Prolly playin allota that thar Pig-slapin, foot-stompin, tabacy-spittin meusic
:musical_keyboard: :drum: :violin: :saxophone: :banjo: :notes: :musical_note: :musical_score:


Those emergency numbers are for vets to take care of loose pets who break in and overeat.

Also 911 address? Somebody is breaking in! Send a letter to 911!


Ooohhh. That place is 1949 N. Linn Ave. So members of the public calling 911 have something to give the operator.

That address isn’t used for any other reason. For any other reason the address is completely different. Ask Rick, Bruce, or Tony. They’ll know.


First rule of Purina Feed is don’t give out the address to anyone except 911.


Dear 911,
I hope this note finds you well. There might be a problem on the 600 block of Peppertree Lane. If you could come check it out, that would be great.

Concerned Citizen


I’m getting a great deal of pleasure out of making up crazy things on the “report lateness or absence” box on my work’s web portal. Today’s fun was (from a limited drop-down menu) “Domestic violence”

And in the text box I got to write “I cut myself shaving and ran into a door.” I think I might have used the “I ran into a door” one before on the work site portal…don’t recall!

That is probably offensive to many people…and yet over the past year or so…such tomfoolery has not seemed to cause an issue to anyone. I know at least some people read the comments, because my boss’s boss (used to be my boss) asked me how my pregnancy was going a few months ago when I used that for a “reason.”

Don’t think I wrote anything in that instance, just used “Pregnancy/childbirth issues” as the issue. It’s a very limited selection of options from the drop-down menu.

I think I should it make a goal of using every single “reason” whenever I feel like coming in whenever. Pretty sure I’ve used all of the dozen or so reasons over time, just for the lolz.

Yes, I was in the parking lot, eating a tasty burger and reading a pretty good chapter of a book and didn’t feel like going in just then. Plus I had half a beer in the cupholder I wanted to finish.

So, yes, that would have been the truthful “reason,” but I don’t think they have a rubric for “sloth and apathy” in the menu.

I did use, yesterday, under “Sickness/fatigue” “On m’a diagnostiqué tout récemment de je-m’en-foutisme à propos certaines tendances amazoniennes.” I’m sure somebody there knows French or a francophone (there are a certain number of francophone immigrants among the drivers…there used to be…but I haven’t seen one in eight months…probably they found better employment) or can make a google-bing translator. I thought it was kind of clever, anyway.

It amuses me.


This sounds vaguely familiar…

In The Monkey, when twin brothers Hal and Bill discover their father’s old monkey toy in the attic, a series of gruesome deaths starts occurring all around them. The brothers decide to throw the monkey away and move on with their lives, growing apart over the years. But when the mysterious deaths begin again, the brothers must reunite to find a way to destroy the monkey for good before it takes the lives of everyone close to them.

That segment from Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders was a recut of The Devil’s Gift.

The Devil’s Gift is a 1984 horror film directed by Kenneth J. Berton. The film’s plot is similar to that of the Stephen King short story “The Monkey”, leading some to believe that the filmmakers plagiarized the story.


I was trying to be coy about it.

Edit: That said, IMDB said the full length version was a student film, or at least started out that way, which makes me much less critical of it. Student films are an educational experience, not an attempt to make a good movie.

They also stole from Cry Wilderness.

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When did Bowling for Soup become classic rock?

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No it didn’t!

I’m thinking about “cooking” a frozen pizza and just eating the cheese and pepperoni off the top for breakfast.

Not for any dietary reason…it’s just…I’m tired and chewing the crust and all that seems like a lot of effort. Also, I don’t have to take a knife and stab the pizza into slices, as one does.

And I have to go to work in like a number of hours and am still struggling to finish this Bushmills Prohibition Special Limited Edition without hurling.

Mixed with blue-colored electrolyte powder…it’s probably…probably can be done. But I have to fuel up the car PDQ after leaving the joint, so I’ll need energy.

Oh hey, check it out!

Discourse can do stupid things!

Oh. Dammit. I accidentally found a way to make font change/typeface size change with a shortcut…but now I forgot…=====================)



See? See?

This is an issue.

I don’t want the first copy, in my case, because it’s garbage and reading it makes me want to puke (it’s actually fine…just inferior in size and print quality). And I received the copy of the good edition using the credit.

I’m going to throw the first out the window of my car while driving by a school.

Problem solved.


Well, if it’s not cheese then what is it?