Completely Random Thoughts ...


Every year it seems like something goes wrong at Burning Man, and now this year it’s flooding rains that have stranded some 70000 attendees in a muddy desert… Why even :man_shrugging:


Had a dream a couple nights ago that I was competing in a slam dunk competition during a basketball tournament being held in my Jr. High School’s gym. I was the second-to-last contestant. I got 22 dunks in a row, 7 and a half of which were deemed to be 16-pointers (apparently 16 points was the best you could do). This put me in the lead. The person going after me was NBA superstar Steph Curry, so I figured I’d end up in second place. But on his first shot he went from half-court to about 2 feet inside of the 3-point line, then just stopped and shot a regular basket. And he missed. So I won.

It should be pointed out that in real life I have 0 basketball skills.


It’s hilarious to me that your brain put you in a dunking competition with an NBA player and picked one that’s like, 6’ 2" :laughing: Not saying Steph can’t dunk, but I guess Muggsy Bogues wasn’t available…

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It made me irrationally happy that I could dunk with Muggsy Bogues in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.

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I think my brain grabbed onto like one of the only two modern players I know of. Also 6’2" is taller than me…

If it would have been going for “short player”, it definitely would have been Spud Webb.

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Spud Webb could dunk, to his credit. At 5’7", he even won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest!

There’s also Flank Pudd and Splorge Hartwellman. They plaid fifth center and thirdback for the Muncie Isopods!

I know about sportsball too!

One of my co-workers is wearing an FBI sweatshirt. Now I don’t trust her.

Well, that one joke from Face/Off Rifftrax is quite relevant in the news.

“Travolta just finished reading the full Wiki page…”

Would you believe…that setting various high-powered flashlights on “strobe” mode seems to deter mice.

But is highly annoying to humans as well, especially as one is well past one’s bedtime.

It’s a total freakout, man!

But the mice haven’t touched my Ramik pellets. And there are so many distributed in little pieces of foil cupcake tins.

Also. true fact, one isn’t really supposed to handle diphacinone (anti-coagulant, rodenticide) with bare hands. Well, the more one knows. Well, I just used the tip of my finger, after moistening it with my tongue each time. I’m sure it’s fine. Besides, it was a few days ago!

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I should put this on my front door :rofl:


Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Mr. Miyagi.


Rory Williams makes Chuck Norris want to become a nurse.

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If Rover Dangerfield had been a successful animated film, do you think they would’ve tried an animated film about Bobcat Goldthwait?

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…that was a thing? I thought you made that up at first, apparently that was a thing.

I came up with this idea six years ago and it should have made me rich, damn it.


I snapped this while waiting on my lunch order in the drive thru :open_mouth:
Wendy’s has their own ‘Blast’ model…