I have been a MST3K fan for as long as I can remember.
I have gotten my Wife and children hooked on the show.
Tom Servo is one of the most quoted beings in our household.

But, confession…I don’t like Mike Nelson at all. I can’t watch a lot of his episodes. Sure, there are some great ones, but I feel like they are great in spite of him, and not because of him.

I thought I would take this secret to my grave, but I decided to share it with all of you.


That’s okay. As long as you’re not a huge :eggplant: about it (which to be clear you are not being), it’s perfectly fine to have opinions, even low ones, of some parts. I wouldn’t make it the focus of my posting, but hopefully this gets it off your chest and now you can just concentrate on the parts you love.

I absolve you



Yeah, it’s totally fine. I’m not a huge fan of Joel as a host, I just don’t bash on him in my comments and all is good. Joel as a director/creator/everything else he does, is awesome, I just don’t like the way he plays the host. So you’re not the only one with secrets :wink:


I like all the hosts, personally, but I understand. Joel, Mike, and Jonah each have their own comedic styles. I enjoy that they don’t ape each other much and stick mainly with their strengths. Joel did more physical shadowrama gags and easygoing, Mike tended to be more sarcastic and a harsher, but witty, and Jonah is more musical and ‘aw-shucks’ in his comedy.



Totally kidding. I’m a fan of all the hosts but obviously I have favorite episodes. I remember the last KS campaign Joel thought of the host like Doctor Who and I that’s pretty much how I feel about the hosts. They’re all the hosts. all in all it’s the formula that endeavors.


Some people aren’t crazy about Mike because he took a slightly bitter and sarcastic tone to his role (and his riffs), whereas Joel had always seemed perfectly happy and content to be there. I liked both approaches.


This is like a very polite exhumation of the internet’s oldest, bitterest and most tedious flame war. I like all the hosts/victims, because they all bring their own strengths to the show.
In fact, I appreciate it because if I’m on a MST3K binge, I like to alternate hosts, or Mads, just for the variety.


I get ya, and like folks are saying, as long as you’re civil about it, all is good. If I’m being forthcoming, I often find Kevin Murphy grating as Servo, most notably in the later Joel Hodgson seasons. He’s constantly commenting on the other riffs and generally trying to hog the limelight (moreso than normal for Tom). I don’t know if there was friction with Joel or what, but he suddenly calms down when Mike Nelson takes the lead. So yes, I think we all have our peccadilloes about the cast at times. :hugs:


Now, I’m imagining you were the one who sent Kevin Murphy the notorious “I HATE TOM SERVO’S NEW VOICE” printout way back when. :wink:


It was so hard for me to get used to J Elvis Weinstein – having picked up the show in season 3 and only going back to season 1 years later – that I was tempted to print a huge elaborate banner that says “I HATE TOM SERVO’S OLD VOICE”


J Elvis’s Servo is still the toughest out of all the voices for me. I’ve come to appreciate it, but there are so few episodes with him it’s not a great sample size. That’s science, right?


That’s funny, because I also came to J. Elvis later yet like his voice more. It helps that he’s done so well in the Cinematic Titanic releases. Baron’s Servo has really grown on me, too. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kevin and his mellifluous Tom, it’s just there are a few seasons where he really needs to rein things in.

It took me a while to get use to Bill’s Crow, but I grew to love it as well. His performance noticeably changes over the seasons, with his early Crow a very affected voice and later on more natural.


I liked J. Elvis from the start. Loved his style as a riffer, I was always defending him against criticism back in the day and felt his Servo was a standout in those KTMA and Season 1 episodes.

I didn’t care for Mary Jo as Pearl at first, but once she got in with Bobo and Brain Guy, and they began to jell - became this top drawer comedy trio, I warmed up to her. And she was hilarious with CT and with Bridget at Rifftrax - Today I think she’s one of the best and if I had a time machine I’d go back and smack myself upside the head.

Kevin’s fine, though I don’t know that I ever considered him a big favorite. However, when I think about it, he’s had stand-out, drop-dead hilarious, favorite moments (his theme song in the Violent Years, the Tom Servo chorus in Starfighters).


I agree about Pearl’s arc – she was a much better character once she was no longer just hectoring Clayton.



The show is a vehicle for all involved not just the on-screen humans, and great because of it.
Mike is/was a huge part of the show before he was host in the role of head writer.
You can begin to recognize some of his jokes in the Joel-era shows the more you get into the Mike-era shows.
For me, there is no greatest host, greatest Tom, greatest Crow, greatest Mad, greatest episode, greatest run of the show, etc etc etc…
these are concepts from minds that could benefit from expanding.

Love you all whether you agree with me or not…


Sure… but we are on a discussion board, and that’s part of it, discussing favorites. And that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate each talent… but I like listing, I like picking ‘best of’s’ that’s part of the fun for me. Doesn’t mean it’s set in concrete, doesn’t mean I can’t actually have 10 #1 favorite episodes, and 20 second favorite episodes and so on… but make me chose, and I wont shy away from that. Because it’s fun when it’s fun.

Another example - I love the Beatles, all of them were an important part of the whole. But if someone asks me that Lennon or McCartney question, I’ll answer Lennon. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect or love Paul… heck I got a subscription on Hulu for the sole purpose of watching “McCartney 3, 2, 1”, but for the purpose of the game, for the fun that can be had in a conversation… yeah, Lennon.

Yeah, Joel

Yeah, Jack Frost

Yeah, Dr. F and TVs Frank


I also really liked the group dynamic once the Pearl/Bobo/Brain Guy team fell into place. That grouping was magic and had so many good comedy setups.

MJ is great and I love her companionly riffing with Bridget on Rifftrax. I’m looking forward to her new variety stream, too.


I don’t think that’s an issue at all; like others have said, we all have our favorites and as long as we don’t get antagonistic about it, it’s perfectly fine to like one host, bot, or Mad more than others or dislike one, as the case may be. My personal favorite host is Mike, but I don’t expect everyone to fall in line with my opinion of the show; my favorite set of Mads is Kinga and Max, while my favorite bot is Crow as voiced by Trace moreso than by Bill. I figure, as long as we can all be civil about it, we can debate the merits of different portrayals all the live long day.


OK, Spanish Inquisition, I CONFESS…that I am glad I escaped the Joel/Mike war by winding up in a town that didn’t have MST3K for years. Good thing I was able to catch up.
I also confess that Synthia is taking too long to usurp power from Kinga and Max. C’mon, she can run the live show pretty well, let’s see her take over a few episodes.


Yeah I started watching in the early 90’s but I never got involved in any fan forums until the Kickstarter, which means I sat out the Great Host Flame Wars. And I’ve always been grateful that I missed them.