Conventio-Con ExpoFest-A-Rama

This month marks 25 years since the last official MST3K convention. I have two questions for everyone.

  1. What would you like to see at a new MST3K con? Celebrities? Events?

  2. If you were able to attend either of the previous conventions, what was your favorite part or memory?


It’d be cool if there was another sing-a-long of “Satellite of Love.” I think I’d most want to talk to Jonah, though not because I don’t want to talk to other crew members.

Not to be a bummer, but this is pretty much an academic exercise for me: I can’t imagine ever going to a place with that many people ever again. Seeing the MST live show updates in the backer emails makes me sad, because I just don’t think I ever could now.


I’d love it if they had more group screenings of episodes. It would be particularly awesome if they would do that for the Jonah era to demonstrate how consistently good the show remains over the years.

A prop/costume exhibition would be fantastic, too.

I wasn’t able to attend either convention, but looking at the footage of the first convention from the MST Scrapbook tape, I’d have to say that the costume ball looked ridiculously fun, as did the live show.


I hear you. I’m forever changed by this pandemic and other events of the past few years. I have developed an unhealthy distrust of people in general. Crowds are very unappealing, even alarming, to me now. Sad, really.


This is exactly why I’m reconsidering going to the live show. I can’t go through COVID testing again unless I absolutely have to. I have a painful nerve condition in my face and that nasal swab was torture. I had to hold in a scream. So should I take the risk? I don’t know if it’s worth it even if I’m masked.

But I really want to go. I’d really want to go to an MST3K convention too. Such a hard choice.


I guess we could go to events dressed up as Ardy and no one would think we were weird, right?


Everyone thinks I’m weird.

I’m good with it.


Man, I really hope MST3K conventions can be possible again. I’ve never had the opportunity to go to any of them. The closest I’ve come to a MST3K gathering was a Rifftrax live event for The Five Doctors some years ago, but that doesn’t have the energy of a con. If I could go to a MST3K con, I think I’d most like to see Joel. He’s my favorite host, and he just seems like a nice guy.

In terms of events, I’d like any event involving puppets. Either tips on how to make your own, or maybe a photoshoot with real puppets?

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There were a lot of complaints on YouTube about how confusing The Mindless Summer Riff-A-Longs were, because of sound quality, etc.

Me? I just sat there loving it all, because I never made it to the MST3K cons, and these felt like the next-best thing, honestly. (See also: the post-game wrap-ups the Mads do for their online shows these days. I don’t always stick around for the whole thing, but it’s still nice to know those conversations are there.)


My hope would be a multi night event. I would want The Mads to have a riffing event, Bridget & Mary Jo, Rifftrax, the Netflix cast, the tour cast, an all star riff along, and a Cinematic Titanic reunion.


I was at ConventioCon 2! 13-year-old me could barely contain my excitement. I’ll never forget touring Best Brains, our meetup with the Prodigy message board friends, and the costume contest - I was dressed as the guy with the bat wing helmet from Deathstalker. :joy:


Please tell me you have pictures of this costume. I’d love to see it!


I bet I do somewhere. It involved a black bucket upside-down with two wings sticking out the sides.


OMG, I knew I was getting old as I just hit 50! ten days ago, but it’s been 25 years, huh?

I was at the second one in 1996. Yep, that’s 25 years ago. (i’m bad at math, sue me).
I had a crappy car and drove it from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis all by myself.
I had a wonderful time.
My favorite part:
They were showing episodes in different rooms, and each one was packed. I was in one where they were showing “It Conquered The World.” At the end, the big speech comes, you know the one, “He learned too late that man is a feeling creature.”
Much to my delight, EVERY time that speech played, everyone in the room recited it, word for word.
It was glorious.


Oh! I almost forgot another awesome part. They did bus tours to Best Brains, which was cool to see the props and sets upclose.
As we were leaving, KEVIN MURPHY himself was at the studio and needed a ride back to the convention, and he rode with us in the bus! He sat there and told stories. So wish iPhones were a thing back then. All I have is my memories. :frowning:


I was at #2 as well as one of the nameless guards from Double 007. I think I remember your costume!


I was also at the second convention! One of the best parts for me was meeting in person folks I’d gotten to know from the (R)ATM(M) newsgroup.