Could there be a potential fan content pre-show for new episode premieres?

Many of us have been to see Rifftrax Live events or caught Frank and Trace’s monthly The Mads livestreams, both of which are typically preceded by a bit of a “preshow” consisting of amusing trivia slides, trailers for classic horror movies, and clips/songs from previous shows, all there to wet our whistle and keep the ticket holders happy while we find our seats, chat amongst ourselves, and wait for the lights to be turned down (where applicable) and the show to start.

Since it sounds like new episode premieres are going to be a pretty big deal here on the Gizmoplex, I think it’s be really cool if we could have similar pre-show entertainment in the half hour or so leading up to the premiere event, which would also be a great way for fans to get involved and perhaps have their brief 30 seconds of online streaming fame.

Now, I have no idea what Joel and the rest of the Alternaversal team have planned for us, but assuming they don’t have anything even bigger on the books, I think it’d be pretty cool if everyone who logs in to the screening event a bit early could see a pre-show made up of mostly fan-submitted content consisting of:

  • New fan letters
  • Cosplay photos/home-built bots/MST3K themed wedding photos, etc.
  • Fan art (the tasteful stuff you can show to your grandma in public that is)
  • Trivia questions (not about William Sylvester)
  • Fan-voted favorite skits/songs/invention exchanges, etc.

And that’s just the easy stuff that can be put up on still-store without much prep work.
It might even be possible to kick things up a notch and include some special Gizmoplex Fan Competitions, where fans would have an opportunity to submit material based on a prompt from the previous pre-show, and the top 3 to 5 entries in each category would have their work shared with the world (or at least Gizmopass holders) during the next pre-show. For example:

  • A Caption This! style Submit-a-Riff based off an old movie publicity still from a classic horror/sci-fi movie.

  • A Good Thing/Bad Thing about the previous movie.

  • An Invention Exchange Challenge, based around an open-ended prompt of the production team’s choosing (ex: Invent a new musical instrument, come up with a new alternative to texting, help bring families closer together, or about 40 other prompts I’ve got listed in this thread.) These can be submitted as anything from crayon drawings to CAD designs, photos of physical props you’ve built, or even short videos showing them in action (Just don’t hurt yourself or burn the house down). The top submissions could even be inducted into a permanent “Gizmonic Institute Hall of Inventors” up on the Gizmoplex somewhere.

There’s probably a bunch of other stuff I’m not even thinking of at the moment. What do the rest of you think? Any other ideas floating around for fun fan-submitted content that could be used to make new episode premieres even newer and premierier?


Some Gizmoplex product advertisements based on previous episodes done in the style of old Drive In and Theater Commercials from the 50’s and 60’s might be fun too. I’d certainly be willing to turn my artistic talents towards contributing a couple.

Somebody mentioned in one of the other threads a while back that the Gizmoplex concession stand items should stocked with all sorts of MST3K themed variants of classic candies, like a Daddy-O bar instead of Bit-O-Honey, Lemminkäinens instead of Lemonheads, Killer Chews instead of Charleston Chew, Droppo’s instead of Dots etc. but there are all sorts of products and services Kinga could be trying to hawk us, from Observer brand Brain Polish, to personal injury lawyers who specialize in Sidehacking accidents.


Don’t forget Deep 13 Toothpaste–the candy-coated sugar-frosted dentifrice which 9 out of 10 disreputable dentists choose by name.


It’s NUTS!!!

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