Country Crush

Did anybody else see this post and decide to change their movie night selection? Emily…I just wanna talk…


Don’t forget the sequels: Country Crush Christmas, Country Crush Cruise, Country Crush Wedding, A Royal Country Crush, and Country Crush: The New Generation.


Don’t even joke about that :woozy_face::sweat_smile::joy:


I prefer Orange Crush and, at times, Birch Beer Crush.

Emily didn’t crush it this time.

I’ve had my fun and now it’s time to serve your conscience overseas.

It sure took me some rapid eye movements before I got that one.

I’m sure Dan Rather gets that joke as well.

I thought this was going to be like Candy Crush, but with fiddles and jaw harps. :confused:

I knew I was taking a risk putting myself in the hands of her Weird Girl energy lol

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