Couple of suggestions for the Gizmoplex Theaters

Loving the site so far. Regarding the Virtual Theater, I am surprised at how much I like the curtains and seats surrounding the video. Especially the older episodes where video quality is not really up to fullscreen.

But might I suggest a few ideas? One for backing out of the theatre to the “Fridge”. And that is a reverse of the animation going in. To replicate what the show did. I think it would be a little fun bit for those who like the interactivity.

The other suggestion that I think would be great is having some sort of link to that month’s curated episodes. I see them on the marquee, but I feel that having maybe a door in the lobby or a hallway that links you directly to the month’s shows would add a lot. Not just for the immersion, but to highlight the selections and maybe encourage people to meet for a watch party of one of them.

Great work so far. I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


The monthly Vault Picks are now a separate search in the Fridge menus.



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I agree with this suggestion 100%

I don’t feel like this warrants a separate post, so I’ll just slide it in here: I was a little confused going from Kingadome down to the Fridge, since I didn’t realize I had been moved to the basement, maybe there could be a downward animation to show this transition or mention in the text that the fridge is “all the way down, in the basement” instead of “It should be downstairs” or something a little more descriptive.

But, I gotta say, I LOVE the virtual theatre experience.

I agree with having exit animation from the virtual theater after you watch a show including having the red theater curtain close either automatically when the streaming ends or close when you hit the exit/return to lobby button. Then as others have suggested have a closing door sequence back to the theater lobby. But it is a cool experience!!! Thanks for designing.


I had a suggestion regarding the Gizmoplex Virtual theater. I love watching the live events in the theater… such a fun way to make it feel like we are all together.

A suggestion. Can we add people into the theater? That would be great so it’s not an empty theater. I’m sure it might be tricky to do animated people (moving around, coming in and out) but even some heads just sitting in the seats and someway to make the room feel like there are people in there. That would be amazing!

Thanks gang… it’s so cool!



Glad that you’ve dug it as you have - and welcome to the forums!

I was thinking the same thing. I believe that would enhance Watch Parties. Everyone could add their own silhouette. And then each viewer could choose to be full screen or see their silhouettes.

Maybe even little pop-up bubbles with a riff from a fellow viewer.

Thanks!!! Glad the show is back and totally under Creator control with massive fan support! And Not Corporate Network!

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Cambots. Why cambots would need seats I don’t know: probably just so they keep out of each others’ sightlines. Not necessarily correlated with viewers (how many people are watching any given premiere? Are there enough seats for all of them?), but the seats start filling as curtain time approaches.

A thing I’ve noticed about the entry animation is the happy little accident that it serves as a quick sound check in case I have my speakers turned off.