CRAM WEEK! Or, what'd you get for number 13?

All right- into the final stretch, news and button-clicking instructions soon to be on their way through the airlanes.
What are we getting up to this week? Episodes on tap? Which ones are your getting-pumped-up-for-Season-Deep13 jam?
Been a while since you’ve sat though an experiment undisturbed? Gotta work on that stamina.
Jumpsuit still fit around the pandemic weight?
Bots all shiny and snarky?
Dusted off that comfort invention exchange that’s been with you since the beginning? Show love.
Got that visit to Costco planned for your Mr Pibb and Raisin Snails? Oooo a sale on 496 rolls of TP.
Remember to practice pithy comments on everything and everyone in the next six days, get in the groove.


Probably watch Ator the Fighting Eagle since we know how important season-to-season continuity is on this show…


I have a whole list of episodes to prep for each season 13 experiment. Since the first episode features a Santo movie, I figured that Samson Vs. The Vampire Women would be a fitting one to revisit. I also want to revisit Robot Vs. Aztec Mummy since it’s also a Mexican movie and it’s one I haven’t seen in a while.


Got some movies from classic MST and RiffTrax to help tide me over before the big day, including one I’m testing on the Gizmoplex app featuring Gamera vs. Barugon!


I’m practicing pouting because I can’t watch the premiere live. That counts, right?


You know what? Heh, I don’t know!

No real concrete plans over here. I was just going to do the “set it and forget it” thing by streaming whatever episodes Pluto and Twitch have lined up.

Maybe if I’m not feeling those episodes, I’ll watch old favorites or perhaps catch episodes I haven’t seen in a while.

I will say that @Pearls_Mint has a good idea in watching Ator the Fighting Eagle so as to get ready to make that jump from Season 12 to Season 13.

I also possibly have something special scheduled for Friday, so… yeah, I think this is gonna be a fun week!


Today’s a big day. Today is our “Cram Day.”

To celebrate the forthcoming launch of Season 13 and to prepare ourselves for the oncoming wave of bad movies, we set aside today to watch “The Gauntlet” as the Mads intended. That’s right. We’re going to be watching all six episodes of Season 12 back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back… to-back!

We begin with Experiment 212 (Mac and Me) at 1030 hours. I will be wearing the jumpsuit. There will be pizza. Wish us luck.




I am doing some very important studying



Might be a good idea to keep this off to the side:


I’m wishing you all the luck I can. The Gauntlet is pretty rough, whether you’re watching it in one go or not.

Behold the nightmares of “the Gauntlet!” We’re at the halfway mark of our marathon and loving every riff-packed minute of it. Bring on Season 13!!


Currently watching Samson vs. The Vampire Women from my DVD box set in preparation…“now let’s get out there and take it to 'em in the second half!”

(If I were a lucha libre promoter in the 50’s, I’d absolutely book Santo and The Robot against the Vampire Women and The Aztec Mummy in a no holds barred tag team dream match)